Four Keys To Choosing Your Merchant Affiliate Program

Dec 24


John Baril

John Baril

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There are so many affiliate programs out there that we are spoiled for choice. In this article I look at how to choose a good affiliate program by considering four key criteria.


Anyone who wants to join an affiliate program on the internet will find that there are many to choose from. In this article,Four Keys To Choosing Your Merchant Affiliate Program Articles we will examine how to pick a great merchant affiliate program so that we can earn some extra money online.

When searching for your merchant affiliate program, let yourself be guided by four key considerations.

1. Look out for one that you will find interesting to work with.

2. Look out for one that has products which people always want to buy.

3. Keep an eye out for one that has products which people want to purchase online.

4. Look out for one which offers high affiliate commissions.

Products which people always want to buy and which you can sell as an affiliate include golfing accessories, weight loss pills, books and programs, pet welfare, lottery programs and internet business solutions.

If you are interested in any of those areas you should be able to find an affiliate product to sell on the internet and you will stand an excellent chance of making money by doing so.

If none of the niche markets that I just mentioned appeals to you, don't worry because you will always be able to find something that does appeal to you and which someone is offering as a merchant affiliate program on the Internet. There is absolutely no need to suppose that you have to sell goods that do not grab your interest. I strongly believe that the first rule of success on the Internet is to do something that interests you, because whatever it is you choose to do, you are going to be dealing with it day after day if you are serious about making money online.

If you are excited by whatever it is that you are selling, you will do a much better job of selling it because your passion and commitment to it will find expression when you market the product, post updates about it on your blog, write a pre sell page, discuss it in articles that you submit to article directories, and so on. Your prospects and customers will also relate to what you have to say and it is likely that this will increase your efficiency in converting prospects to customers and customers to loyalists who repeatedly purchase from you.

Another reason why you want to choose a merchant affiliate program that interests or excites you is that you should not start promoting it until you have purchased and tested at least one of the products yourself. It will give you a big advantage over the competition if you can talk with experience and authenticity about the product. Furthermore, the customer will appreciate the fact that you use the product you are recommending, and that will make him or her more likely to buy it. Many people purchase things on the strength of recommendation alone, provided they believe that the recommendation is genuine.

Successful affiliate marketers always look for products that are currently hot in the marketplace. You can conduct a search for them on various website locations such as Clickbank or Google, or simply pay attention to what is going around you in the news and what is new in the shops to get ideas for potential markets to be in.

Remember, however, that a product which sells well in a store front shop will not necessarily sell well online. The products that you will commonly see purchased online are books, ebooks, health and sports items, DVD's, CD's, software and music downloads.

Finally, look out for an affiliate program that offers a high rate of commission. Books may be a popular choice, but the rate of commission offered by, for example, is not so great. (Note, however, that Amazon works well in conjunction with other products on your website because people trust Amazon.) Since this is going to be your business you want to be able to find an affiliate program that will give you a chance to make a healthy profit on each and every sale that you make.

So, if you keep these four principles in mind when searching for the ideal merchant affiliate program, you should find one that will help you to become and enjoy becoming an affiliate marketing winner.