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This article will tell you about the interesting history of mens G-string and also tell you about the types of G-string and different fabrics.

Men's G-string underwear has evolved with time. Earlier they were known as a loincloth and now as G-string. In olden days fabrics were limited but gradually with time,Guest Posting different fabrics came into existence in men's underwear which made the life of men simpler. As the demand began to increase, designers started experimenting with the styles, fabrics keeping comfort in mind.Underwear’s such as boxers, mens briefs, boxer briefs, were highly appreciated by the men but men’s G-string underwear became more popular as compared to others due to the level of comfort it provides to the wearer. G-string cuts enhance manhood and fabrics such as Silk, Cotton, Nylon gives the wearer a smooth and soft feeling which is like a "cherry on the cake."

We all are aware of the above facts, what we don't know is, that how things changed from a Loincloth to G-string. Let's find out. 

G-string :

A Men G-string is a narrow piece of fabric, Leather or Satin that covers or supports the genitals passes between the buttocks and is attached to a waistband around the hips. G-string is a type of thong and can be worn by both men and women. It can be worn to avoid visible panty lines. In 1920, G-string was first seen as a costume on women.


A string that holds the loincloth was considered as G-string in the 19th century. This kind of underwear was first sawed in costumes that were worn by showgirls in the United States in the 1920s during Earl Carroll’s production, a period called the Jazz Age. In the 1930s, when the performers like Margie Hart worn G-string, Suddenly it got the prominence. During that period, Chicago was famous as it was the home of some of the biggest manufacturers of G-string.

In the 1930s, the G-string term appeared for the first time. Whether its striptease or female dancers everyone uses to wear them. At the beginning of the 19th century, African tribes were the first tribes that started wearing G-strings. Later on, it came into limelight due to Sumo Wrestlers.

Men G-strings hardly cover anything at the back, just like Thongs. Well, different stories are behind the origin of G-string. According to few people, it was named after the G-string of the guitar while on the other hand, Wikipedia says that, this word was used for loincloth during the 19th century and the letter in G-string stands for Groin.

Men’s G-string underwear can be stylized in different ways. For the working men, pair them with your formals to avoid the prominent problem of underwear line and for your romantic night, better if you leave your underwear as it. No tank tops, no t-shirt just you and your G-string underwear. Trust me , that's more than enough to raise the temperature.

 Types :

 G-string for men comes in a variety of styles. See-through G-strings, Lace G-strings and Pouch enhancing are some of them.

1. See-through G-strings: 

See-through underwear is not meant for everyone as not every man would feel comfortable in showing his package. Sheer fabrics are used in such underwear. If you are planning to add a bit of spiciness to your love life just go for them.

2. Lace G-strings:

Lace G-strings are considered as one of the sexiest underwear due to the sensual fabrics which are used in it. One can easily take sexual attractiveness to the next level just by wearing this underwear. Sounds easy.

3. Pouch-enhancing G-strings:

This men’s underwear is designed with modern technology and it is not at all traditional. It gives great comfort, relaxation, and support all day long. One of the best qualities of this underwear is the pouch which is present in the front of underwear which can be reshaped to increase the front profile. Sticking, squashing and sweating can be easily reduced through these men’s G-string underwear.

Fabrics used in G-string:

Ancient times, cotton was the only fabric used in making men's undergarments. When people’s preferences started changing especially in undergarments, a lot of innovation started happening in the innerwear industry. Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Modal, Rayon, and Silk were also introduced to people by the underwear industry. These fabrics were blended with spandex in a balanced way so that a higher level of quality, comfort, durability, and flexibility can be achieved. To add Stretchiness to the fabric, Lycra and Elastane were used. 1.Cotton:

Nothing sounds better than cotton. It's soft, lightweight, great when it's about absorbency and moisture resistant. Cotton is skin-friendly due to tiny pores that are present in it. Men's G-String underwear which is made out of cotton is great for summers. Heat, Detergent, and Bleach won't effect its quality but if not treated in a proper manner shrinkage can happen easily. Cotton underwears are suitable for all seasons, event except winters. While exercising, switch to nylon-based underwear. 2. Nylon:

Men's G-strings made out of Nylon have a smooth texture and have great color retention property. Its smooth texture has an excellent abrasion resistant and that’s what makes it "swimwear ideal fabric". It has low absorbency hence it dries up very fast. The people who hit the gym, do extreme physical exercises, for them, Nylon underwear is a perfect fit. The possibility of crotch rot is also reduced due to moisture retention property. It stays abrasion-free when diving into the water. 3.Modal:

Modal does persist of softness and undergarments made out of it give a wonderful feeling to a wearer. It's 50% more water-absorbent if compared with cotton.G-strings made out of it keep cozy all day long . Being a soft and silky fabric, its strong and wears resistant. Whether its tumble dries or machine wash or washed several times, it can still stay absorbent, soft and supple. Moreover, it can be dyed as well. It's an ideal fabric for summers. During hot and humid weather, Modal can keep itself dry and cozy due to its lightweight nature. Try to avoid wearing modal underwear while working out or performing athletic activities. 4.Rayon:

Rayon fabric is used for summer clothing for both men and women and now it is also used in making men's underwear. Comfortable, airy and moisture-absorbent makes it an ideal fabric for underwear as it is a master in dealing with excessive sweating and other problems related to it. Fabric can be easily dyed in various colors. It can reduce sticking and squashing of the manhood whole day long. underwear made of rayon should be hand washed and never mix it with other clothes while washing in the washing machine. Suitable for summers and not for winters. 5.Polyester:

Polyester is known for smooth and synthetic feel and men's g-string made out of it is soft. Men’s swimwear has to be wrinkle-free and abrasion-free and due to that reason, it is made out of polyester. Its underwear is extremely strong, does not shrink or stretch. These men’s underwear can be easily machine washed and dried. Due to high absorbency, this material is not at all suitable for the hot season and is apt for the bikini season. 6.Silk:

Silk is known for its insulation property. Silk men's G-string silky and gives a sleek feel too. It's a great absorbent but a bad conductor of heat. This also acts as an insulating layer between the cloth and the body. Silk based Men's G-string is generally durable and has the greatest pull strength if compared to other natural fibers. One who is looking for G-string that is great for winters, then one must consider Silk ones. Being a bad conductor of heat, it’s a perfect option for winters as it keeps wearers body warm. It's not supportive so it's meant only for special occasions. 7.Elastane:

When it's about permanent elasticity, nothing can be better than elastane. Elastane is known under the trade called Lycra and Spandex.  For providing desired elasticity in knitted fabrics, it is used with a low percentage blend. So men whenever you see elasticity in your underwear it is all because of Elastane. Man who is looking for underwear which is like “ ONE STOP SOLUTION”, which enhances its sex appeal but also gives whole day protection and comfort without giving a feeling as if something is bothering down there, G-string underwear is what you need.  


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