How do conveyors help improve order processing and warehouse safety?

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As the rate of online sales is ever increasing it is becoming more and more important for businesses to use the most effective methods for transporting orders and materials around the warehouse.


Customers expect to have their items quickly,Guest Posting and any delays and disappointments to the customer can mean they do not order from your company again.

The use of warehouse trolleys and carts can be useful, but in many circumstances these can be cumbersome and take up much needed space on the warehouse floor.

By having a conveyor belt installed you get a reliable and continuous method of transporting packets, parcels and boxes across the warehouse space. The benefits of this is that many products can quickly be moved at one time, leaving staff who would have been pushing trolleys around to now be free to do other useful tasks.

This could be packaging items at packing benches ready for the order to be dispatched.

Conveyor belts also lessen the instance of product damage as many items become damaged when being carried by staff or when moved using a fork lift truck. There is less need for a forklift truck when there is a conveyor system used for moving products.

As well as a belt conveyor another useful type of conveyor is the gravity roller conveyor.

A gravity roller conveyor is like a table but instead of a table top it has a number of rollers which can spin. This means that items can be rolled across the top of the conveyor frame.

These conveyors are often used for loading and unloading trucks at the warehouse. The most popular type for loading and unloading is the expandable or flexible gravity roller conveyor as these can be reconfigured quickly and easily as they are needed. They can then be closed and put away out of the way for when they are needed again.

Each time a conveyor is introduced to replace manual handling the process becomes more efficient and in many cases much safer.

Large warehouses for big retailers and online stores use vast networks of conveyor systems to fully automate their incoming and outgoing parcels of orders and stock items. Many of these conveyor systems are completely custom designed to suit the process, or the products, and sometimes they are custom built to fit the building itself.

To improve order processing and safety in your business or warehouse space the addition of a conveyor belt or a gravity roller conveyor could be the way to go.

Contact a reputable conveyor system manufacturer today to design your conveyor system.

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