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Here are 5 tips for building buzz around yourself on the internet. If you own your own business you can't be too shy about promoting yourself. At some time you have to de-wallflower yourself, stand tall and (subtly) shout "Look at me--I'm really great!" Fortunately, with online marketing--a little buzz goes a long way.

Sounds a bit self-centered,Guest Posting doesn't it?But it's absolutely true--even if the work you do is behind the scenes, if you own your own business you can't be too shy about promoting yourself. At some time you have to de-wallflower yourself, stand tall and (subtly) shout "Look at me - I'm really great!"

This is why I don't do in-person networking--I just feel like a complete cheese ball schmoozing with folks, so I've sort of found a little marketing oasis (the internet) where I can meet folks around the world every day and where I don't need to put on the dreaded business suit in order to mingle.

One very pleasant thing I've discovered about online marketing--a little buzz goes a long way. I don't know whether it's the viral-ness of online communications that spreads ideas so quickly or if the online community is just tighter than offline networking organizations, but a little dab of online buzz around yourself or your biz will do ya.

So how do you get that buzz going?

1. Develop a reputation for doing top-notch work. Career columnist Penelope Trunk says, "This is the most powerful tool in your career. Even if you start with no reputation and no connections, it's not unrealistic to get known for doing outstanding work."

2. Start a blog and post to it regularly. Having a well-tended blog is extremely effective at helping you establish your online presence. On the internet, your blog is like your apartment. It's where people come to find you and to see what you're talking about on any given day. It's also the place where you host the discussions your posts will (hopefully!) stimulate. A blog lets you show a more personal, less formal side to yourself than a plain old traditional website. It's your chance to get creative with the face you show the online world--just be sure that the image you create is the one you want people to see!

3. Carefully craft your online image. One thing about the internet is that nothing is kept a secret for long! Word seems to spread at the speed of light, so be careful about what you say, how you say it, and what photos and stories you choose to disclose.

Penelope cautions, "How people see you online matters. For example, most young people would not date someone before Googling them, and we do this kind of electronic research routinely before buying products and services as well. Recruiters also use the Internet to identify job candidates rather than sift through piles of resumes. So you need to manage your online identity to make sure people see you as the person you want to be."

4. Participate in online communities. Community is the very heart of the blogosphere, and you really need to get involved in other communities in order to make a name for yourself."

The days of just pushing plain old information out to an audience are ending," Penelope advises. "Stories, not raw facts, are what people can relate to. You can do this many ways but maybe the easiest is to add your comments to blogs. This is a way to broker information in a useful way, sort of like inviting yourself to a party, but it's OK to do so, as long as you make relevant contributions."

Commenting on blogs is a wonderful idea. If you've never posted a comment on a blog before, it can be a bit scary, especially if it looks like the blog has a tight knit community. Just be brave and share your opinion. Believe me, bloggers love it when folks place comments on their blogs. At the very least you could just lend encouragement to the writer, "Great post--thanks for sharing those links!". Before long you'll be commenting on blogs near and far, and you'll be developing friends (and contacts) along the way.

5. Develop relationships with "connectors". We all know them--"connectors" are those people who seem to know everyone on the face of the earth. They were "Class Favorite" in high school. Online, you'll find these connectors have very popular blogs and are the nucleus around which numerous other communities circulate. Even if you're a shy person who doesn't know tons of people, if you become friends with a connector, your circle of influence increases dramatically.

That wasn't so bad was it? At least it's not as bad as going to one of those stuffy in-person networking luncheons! It's time to get yourself out there, get involved in a community and get noticed!

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