How To Make Money Online With A Website Fast!

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Having a website alone would not make you money. So, how to make money online with a website?

The answers are very simple.

#1: Sell your website

You can make money online by selling your website. One of the top market places to do so is Flippa is the world's biggest marketplace for buying and selling websites. Millions of websites have been sold through Flippa and over hundreds of thousands worth of websites sold weekly on Flippa. This includes Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook predecessor

So,Guest Posting if you want some quick bucks on how to make money online with a website, selling your website on Flippa is one of the options. But do note that by selling your website, you might be sending away your money tree. A website, properly invested and worked on, might be able to make you lots more money than the selling price alone.

#2: Feed your website with traffic

Second way on how to make money online with a websiteis by feeding your website with traffic.

You should know by now that, without traffic, your website is as good as a dead goose.

Nobody will know about your website or product although you might have the best product and the most-well-designed website in the world!

If you want to know how to make money online with a website, you must know how to get more traffic to your websites. Here are some strategies which you can use immediately.

First, include your website link in your email

This is the fastest and easiest way to market your website. Best of all, it's free! You can add your website link below your signature each time you send an email with a note to your addressee to click on the link.

With your emails, you can also set an auto-reply which is prompted and sent to your senders automatically each time you receive the email. In the auto-reply, you can write something as below.

"Re: About Your Email, Please Read Now

Hi, this is [your name] and thank you for your email. I'll reply to you soonest. In the meantime, here are your free ring tones: (insert your website address)......"

Second, share your website link with your friends on social media like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Third, write and submit articles on subjects relating to the product or services you are offering through your website. Include your website link on your article. If your article is good, chances are the readers will click on your website link to find out more.

The above are some of the fast ways on how to make money online with a website. Do it right to start making money online.

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