HTML5 Flipbooks: The Secret to Creating Engaging Content for E-commerce Business

Jul 7


Jeffery Reynolds

Jeffery Reynolds

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Did you know digital flipbooks offer better engagement than dull PDFs? Find out how to create HTML5 flipbooks with a Magento Flipbook Extension and understand how it will benefit your e-commerce website.


In the fast-paced world where our attention span is getting shorter day by day,HTML5 Flipbooks: The Secret to Creating Engaging Content for E-commerce Business  Articles it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to find unique ways of holding the customer’s attention. The secret to better engagement and ultimately higher sales numbers is a unique shopping experience for customers.

For example, rather than providing traditional PDF catalogs or tedious excel sheets of your products to the customer, create interactive digital HTML5 flipbooks that make perusing through the product list simple, effortless and enticing.

What is a Digital Flipbook?

As people have moved from desktops to mobiles, the screens have started getting smaller. As a result, marketers have started looking for unique ways to recreate the magic of reading books, magazines, and newspapers online.

Called a flipbook or an HTML5 flipbook in online marketing terms, it focuses on recreating the experience of print publication online. Instead of displaying content in a single-page PDF format where the reader has to scroll down every now and then, flipbook provides an interactive experience including elements such as page flipping feature, links to other web pages, embedded videos, flash animation, and more.

How is an HTML5 Flipbook different than PDF?

In 1993, Adobe introduced a file format called PDF (Portable Document Format). It allowed users to access information irrespective of the technology. It means your customers could access the document on any software, hardware, and operating systems.

Digital flipbook takes us one step ahead of PDF. Due to its interactive design and responsive content, flipbooks are easy to read on tiny screens. If there is an error in a PDF, you cannot help those users who have already downloaded the document. On the other hand, you can make innumerable changes to the flipbook even after you have shared the link with everyone.

If you want your customers/users to connect to your content, use interactive flipbooks instead of the bland PDF and see engagement rates go high.

How Flipbooks boost your E-commerce Business?

As businesses, we use PDFs for almost all our communication with vendors and customers. Just switch to flipbooks to allow a visually appealing and enticing experience for your communication.

1. Add the flipbook to product pages to provide additional information about the offering.

2. Enhance your online catalog with pop-up images, embedded videos, and flash art to convince customers to shop more.

3. Include an Add to Cart feature to the flipbook to allow customers to place orders directly from the publication instead of browsing several pages on the website.

4. Create unique quotations and digital reports for production, sales, marketing, and various other departments.

5. Instead of the traditional emails to investors and clients, send your marketing pitches with a link to the flipbook.

6. Include a flipbook newsletter to your subscribers to avoid sending PDFs.

7. You can use a password-protected flipbook for the Request-for-Quote function and keep negotiations private.

8. Send digital brochures, leaflets, and booklets.

9. Include excerpts of e-books and e-catalogs and give a glimpse of your content to the audience.

10. Instead of PDFs that users can easily share after downloading them, flipbooks are easy to track, and they make collecting analytics information simpler.

11. You can include a Lead Catching form in the flipbook to generate more leads.

How to make Flipbooks from Existing PDFs?

Enhancing your existing documents and elevating them to the status of flipbooks is easy. Use the Magento Flipbook Extension to create flipbooks in a few minutes. The extension will provide you with the following features to make your job simple:

1. Create user-friendly and responsive flipbooks from PDFs or images.

2. Include a flipbook to any store page/product page using a widget.

3. Customize the look and position of the flipbook for more engagement.

4. Add products to the flipbook for a seamless shopping experience.

5. Provide easy navigation options with a Table of Contents.

6. Include the Search feature to enable customers to find products quickly.

7. Allow easy downloads of flipbooks as PDF.

If you require specific features to create HTML5 flipbooks, you can consult the Magento extension developer for customizing the module. Many companies will customize the Magento extension or even create a new M2 extension to suit your needs. All you need to do is ask.

When it is about your e-commerce business, the adage: adapt or die becomes of prime importance. Offering the lowest prices is not the only way to win customers. Create value for money, understand the customer’s requirements and deliver unique solutions that help you stand apart in the competitive market.

If your customers are looking for an engaging experience, you ought to provide them one to survive and thrive. So, why wait? Differentiate your business from the clutter with highly engaging flipbooks!