Is Market 99 Safe For Online Shopping?

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Whenever a new online store is launched with some too good to be true offers, suspicions arise, even though it is a well-known brand like Market 99.

The recently launched Market 99 online store is the extension of the company's 43+ flagship stores around the country. It is now offering a variety of products from home decor to kitchen tools at an unbelievable price range without any minimum order requirement.

With such amazing offers,Guest Posting deals, and products, safety becomes a huge matter of concern, as the eCommerce-related scams are getting more and more frequent. So, if you want to shop on Market 99, then you should read further to clear any doubt you have about this seemingly amazing online store.

A Well-Known Brand

The first favorable argument on the question of the credibility of Market 99 is that it is a well-known brand. It has been around for many decades. It was previously known as Store 99, which later split into two parts, and the bigger part became Market 99.

It currently has over 43+ flagships stores throughout India in many major shopping malls and complexes. It is known for offering products at prices as affordable as Rs.99.

Only Affiliated Brand Products

Apart from being a huge brand, the biggest assurance Market 99 has is that it only offers products from affiliated or in-house brands. Unlike other major online shopping portals, a third party seller can not sell its products on Market 99's website.

Its house brands include VON CASA, a gift, and decor inspired by Danish culture, along with Donati and Kids Star. It also sells products under its own brand name, Market 99.

Secure Payment Portal

To be absolutely sure of any website, you need to check what payment portal they are using. It has to be end-to-end encrypted as well as a known platform.

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Market 99 uses the popular and safe payment technology PayU. A Netherland-based fintech company, which is quite popular among online shopping portals. It is completely safe and secure for any kind of online payment. Market 99 currently offers many useful payment options like UPI, Wallet, Net Banking, Debit & Credit Card.

Priority To Protect User’s Privacy

In today’s digital era, user privacy is a huge concern for many of us. We often hear rumours about many big companies leaking or selling the data of their customers. It often destroys our belief in our right to privacy.

Well, you can avoid this from happening by carefully reading the privacy policy of the company you chose to share your data with. We have carefully analyzed the privacy policy of Market 99. It swore itself on protecting the privacy of its users. Although, it collects crucial information like your name, address, phone number, and email address. It only uses it to offer a more personalized experience to users on its website.


We have laid down everything that one should know about Market 99 and how safe it is for shopping online. Now it is up to you if you want to give your trust in this new and popular online shopping portal. Because at the end of the day, every company wants to earn the trust of its customers.

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