Is MooWoodle Really A Moodle WordPress Integration Bridge?

Aug 20


Kabbyik Mitra

Kabbyik Mitra

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LMS called Learning Management System is significantly benefited from the cloud. Whether you are a trainer, a teacher, an academic trainer or an employee finding for a trusted way to teach or train your students, LMS or Learning Management Systems based on the cloud will allow you to do it.


LMS or Learning Management Systems have significantly benefited from the cloud. If you are a trainer,Is MooWoodle Really A Moodle WordPress Integration Bridge? Articles a teacher, an academic trainer or an employee seeking for a reliable way to teach or train your pupil, Learning Management Systems based on the cloud will permit you to do it. Above all, the very basic functions of all types of learning management systems are, hosted in the cloud, which means you can easily and quickly update the latest content and your students can access them easily. A could based LMS has several benefits, one of the most important is availability all around the world. It is not fixed for a specific location.

With all the new things of a cloud based learning management system, there is a cause for your learning management system not to be cloud based. The problem that then comes out in which cloud based learning management should you adopt. Let us see why today's users believe MooWoodle really a Moodle WP integration bridge. We will first talk about Moodle, which will help you understand the subject matter easily.

What's About Moodle?

Moodle is nothing but an open source LMS founded in the year of 2000. Ab initio, Moodle has started using as one of the most reliable as well as commonly utilized learning management systems by hundreds of thousands of people world over. Of late, WP i.e. WordPress has been spotlighted as a budding alternative to Moodle. Albeit, WordPress is not at all a learning management system but rather an open source cloud-based software often called content management system, which allows you to build your own blog or website just in a few mouse clicks. The best thing about WordPress is, this CMS is highly customizable with unlimited plugins that permit you to adjoin the functions to it. By executed the right plugins, you can actually use WordPress as the best learning management system.

Advantages of Using Moodle

In as much as, your WordPress and Moodle are different platforms, hundreds of Moodle users like you or your friends look towards integrating Moodle as well as WordPress to provide them a highly sophisticated and competitive edge in the learning management system industry. If you do a little research, you will come to know that there is nearly a 3 percent growth each month in users integrating Moodle-WordPress sometimes called MooWoodle. Yes, WordPress gives Moodle users many different advantages, because WordPress is one of the most reliable multi-purpose platforms. As a Moodle user, you can greatly increase the size of learning management system using WordPress and with the help of a few handy plugins.

It is the time to supersize your Moodle learning management system using WordPress

WordPress is by far one of the most reliable and highly popular blogging platforms. We are not asking you to take our word for it. If you are a tech savvy person, you probably have come across this statistics - WordPress powers 23 percent of the web. Are not you? As a Moodle user whether you are thinking of building as well as maintaining an active blog, you can select to build a great one on WordPress. Because WordPress is easy to use and can give you some additional advantages as search engine friendly URLs and social sharing options. There are multiple email marketing plugins available to choose the best one to build and handle your email campaign easily.

WordPress and Moodle to Build a Student Network

Most of us surely know that building forums, as well as groups in Moodle, is a great challenge. Though, WordPress provides many different plugins to build a student network. You can build course specific groups, including forums if required. You need to have some plugins, like:

BuddyPress: A plugin that helps members to build a social network/student network.

BBPress: A plugin that helps to build private or group specific forums whenever needed.

Integrate WordPress and Moodle

Now, a question certainly popping up in your mind. How to integrate WordPress and Moodle? Let's answer the question.

As discussed, WordPress and Moodle are out and out different platforms. It means as an owner of Moodle learning management system, you would need a different site on WordPress. You can install it in a sub domain as well. A plugin called WooCommerce-Moodle helps you to integrate the two different platforms. And as described, you can use other plugins to add some other functionalities if needed.

Last, but certainly not the least, WordPress can give you a purely learning management system like Moodle. A perfect way to upkeep a blog or website, build an e-store, build a network for students, adding membership and much, much more.