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The laser modules are reliable sub assemblies that find their use in various OEM, industrial, scientific, medical, defence and educational application.

The laser modules are reliable sub assemblies which find their use in various OEM,Guest Posting industrial, scientific, medical, defence and educational application. They find use in producing a spot, line or cross hair. Mostly the laser modules come with a focussed or collimated beam with the option of a line generator or cross hair attached. Some come with micro spot or lines. .  The laser module usually consists of anodised aluminium, nickel plating or brass housing, laser diode, drive circuit and collimating lens and electrical connections are made via external leads. And what better, these laser modules are now available at a whopping 10% discount.

Made of high quality materials and long wires, the red laser module is superbly designed and perfectly fits for DIY projects. Exquisite and durable, the red laser modules come with focus and adjust focus options. The twist motion on the end cap lens can easily focus the dot and also make that single dot as thin as possible by focussing it. The red laser diode module produces visible red beam which is 10 to 20 times brighter than a laser pointer. The infrared laser diode module requires you to be extra cautious while handling and requires protective eyewear whenever viewing the beam or exposed to direct or scattered reflections. These types of laser diode modules find usage in window bounce systems, target designation, optical x-rays, Infrared Holography and general optical research.

Almost all the laser diode modules can operate on 3 volts or with a 3V wall adapter with DC power supply of 200-300mA. Be cautious that if you use a power supply with too much amperage, it can lead the diode to overdrive and hence shorten its lifetime. Also 3 volts will ensure that the diode module guarantees constant current output and does not affects or reduce the light output power and also helps in extending the battery life.Also one more thing is to be taken care of that if they are to be used for prolonged time (over 30 seconds to 1 minute at a time), then they should be attached to a heat sink. This will keep the diode cool and reduce heat build up and extra wear on the diodes. Some diode modules even require cooling either by a fan or thermoelectric cooler. All the laser modules be it red, blue, violet or Infrared, they have different functionalities and find usage in various applications.

The green laser module can produce high green laser beam which are capable of burning an object when focussed at a close range. Structured in a user friendly design, the green laser diode module can be very conveniently operated. They are versatile and very cost effective. Suited for many industrial and OEM applications where a quality green spot is required. They are approx five times brighter than a red laser module of equivalent output power, so they can be an excellent choice for your next application. The laser diode module comes in all common power and wavelength combinations. The violet blue laser diode module finds extensive usage in industrial marking, swinger type laser light source, teaching test light source, laser medical equipment, stage lighting and laser positioning device. With such immense functionality and a 10% off offer, the laser modules are a sure buy for those looking to use them in various applications.

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