Take a look at the high-priced marvel iPhone cases

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Most popular Apple iPhone launched a wide variety of high-priced mobile phone cases, how marvel!  onu-mall will share you the unique iPhone 5s case.

1. Swarovski crystal case Price: about 1500 yuan This iPhone 5s cases covered with Swarovski crystal is exclusively for female. 2. You & I cartoon case Price: about 1500 yuan An iPhone 5s case features custom wallpaper,Guest Posting the price is not cheap, you can send your own photos to the vendor . 3. Zoe iPony crystal case Price: about 1600 yuan This lovely crystal unicorn case is also very shiny, but it seems slightly kitsch. 4. Wheylan leather holster Price: about 1700 yuan iPhone 5s cover looks like a holster is made from all-leather handmade. 5. Dolce & Gabbana phone cover Price: about 3600 yuan Italy Sicily Dolce & Gabbana is a world-class luxury brand, by which iPhone 5s cover designed is certainly delicate and expensive. 6. The most expensive plastic iPhone 5 case Price: about 6300 yuan "The case alone cost me just under $1000"is printed on the back of the phone case,that’s why the case entirely made of plastic is so expensive. 7. Crystal Flower Phone Case Price: about 9149 yuan To be honest, the plastic phone 5s case designed as the inspiration for the "Paris in the spring" is bullshit, the price is enough to buy a round-trip of Paris. 8. Miansai gold Phone Case Price: about 62,000 yuan The iPhone 5s case is entirely made up of 14 carat 24K pure gold and the need to book two weeks in advance. 9. Anita Mai "dragon and spider" Phone 5  Case Price: about 5.38 million yuan Thee iPhone 5s case integrates 18K white gold and 2200 colored diamonds named "the dragon andSpider" which is a symbol of life and creativity, priced up to $ 880,000 (about 5.38 millionyuan), iPhone, which is definitely one of the most expensive case. For more information about the iPhone 5s case,please visit http://www.onu-mall.com/catalog/iphone-accessories/iphone-5-5s-case-cover/ Article from http://blog.onu-mall.com/index.php/2015/09/16/take-a-look-at-the-high-priced-marvel-iphone-cases/

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