The seasons brand presents Designer Kashmiri Shawls by Kashmirvilla Company!

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Get a range of ‘Kashmiri Georgette suits,Guest Posting sarees, Kurtis, handmade shawls’ and more. We have a team of professional designers offers handmade Kashmiri shawls for every occasion you feel inspired to demonstrate your trendsetting nature. Our woolen shawls are created for the likes of royalty. Every woman wears these enduring staples of the fashion world. Our beautiful collections of shawls are mirrored after the dramatic scenery of the Kashmir region. We offer handcrafted designer Kashmiri shawls online at reasonable price.

Wrapping yourself with our designer Kashmiri pashmina shawls are dressing to gracefully impress everyone around you.

Browse our range of designer pashmina shawls below and take one home today…

Our brand ‘Kashmirvilla’ gives Life to Our Mission.

Kashmirvilla is very passionate too about reviving the centuries-old timeless art. Our prime goal is to preserve traditional Kashmiri arts and make it all over the world. We strive to make a difference in the lives of Kashmiri peoples and this mantra is embedded in everything we do as a company. We desire to provide a world-class personalized online retail service through our online portal.

We at ‘kashmirvilla’ realize that there is no perfect answer to the problems that the people of Kashmir face. Kashmiri shawls are basically made up of three fibers – Wool, Pashmina, and Shahtoosh. Mostly woolen shawls are famous because of their embroidery work on them, which is sole to Kashmir. The price of these shawls is depended upon the type of wool used in the manufacturing of embroidery work.

Pashmina shawls are popular item of the State. These shawls are made up of beautiful embroidery, full with richness. In pashmina shawls for embroidery purpose, we use Sozni & Aari these are the famous types of embroidary. These shawls are so expensive, because of scarcity of raw material.

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