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Shawls have been used by the women all over the world.It is mostly used by the Indian women in their daily lives. Though,Guest Posting these shawls have gained their popularity not in India, rather they are becoming popular all over the world

The demand for Indian dresses is also increasing in various other parts of the world such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and etc. There are various Indian people who are living in different parts of the countries out of which most of them prefer Indian clothes. These shawls are found in various different patterns, colours and size. Even some of the shawls are so elegant that you can wear them in some special occasion.

Indian shawls have become so much popular such that people get them on special order from manufacturers. They are loaded with heavy embroidery on it, cultural decorative works, bright colour Nowadays you may find a variety of designer shawls and scarves in the markets. tones, based upon fabrics such as silk, pashmina, cashmere and etc. Out of these Cashmere and pashminas are known as two of the most popular silk variations. Jamawar shawls is one of the another popular variety in silk shawls. Even now you can avail the facility of getting these shawls online on various different sites.

Here are few shawls which are found all over the world:

1) Wedding Shawls: Every woman wants to look pretty on their wedding, so for this auspicious occasion various types of shawls are designed which are admired by most of the women. Nowadays, these designer shawls are included in wedding dress so as to give more elegant look.

2) Kashmir Shawls: Kashmir is known as the second Switzerland of the world. The Pashmina Kashmir shawls are one of the famous shawls of Kashmir. These are made of rich wool having hand embroidery on it. Inspite of providing warm, these shawls helps to give a soft and beautiful appearance which makes them a real Kashmiri product.

3) Summer Shawls: Summer shawls are generally found in summers. These shawls are light in weight which are easy to carry and handle. Women love to put them on during evening. Summer shawls are available in great variety of designs as well as colours.

4) Silk Shawls: Silk is one of the solidest among all the natural textiles. Silk shawls provide warmth in winter season and cooler in summers. They are considered asperfect clothing for anykind of special occasion such asparties, weddings, traveling, and etc.

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