Top 10 Beautiful Seahorses

Oct 28


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Seahorse is a unique and beautiful marine animal found in the ocean.


Seahorse is a unique and beautiful marine animal found in the blues. Unlike most of the animals,Top 10 Beautiful Seahorses Articles these are monogamous and mate for their lifetime. They are the only animal whose males bear the unborn young ones.

Here is a list of ten beautiful seahorses.

Lined Seahorse: They are the most common seahorses. They are colorful and have distinctive markings.

Paradoxical Seahorse: They are self-contradictory and seemingly absurd.

Zebra Seahorse: They are found inshore in or around coral reefs and in areas with sand and mud bottoms.

Japanese Seahorse: They are mostly black, but it depends on their location.

Tiger Tail Seahorse: They have stripes from the belly to the tip of the tail. They are found in many aquatic beds and coral reefs.

Knysna Seahorse: They are found only in the Knysna Lagoon, and they are at a high risk of extension.

Giant Seahorse: They have the brightest colors. They grow from 12 to 19 cm.

Leafy Seadragon Seahorse: They are one of the most unusual looking seahorses. They are very common in Australia.

Pygmy Seahorse: These are only about 2 centimeters in size. They have fused jaws to suck food into their tubular mouths.

Big-Belly Seahorse: They are the largest seahorse species in the world. They grow up to 35 cm and found off the coast of southeast Australia and New Zealand.

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