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Mobile Phones:
Mobile phones have changed the world. This is very true. Almost every person in India carries at least one mobile phone.

It is a part of our lives and we just cannot imagine a day without it. Now there are a wide range of mobile phones available in India market and not like earlier times. Mobile phones available in India now come with a huge bundle of accessories and applications. Earlier,Guest Posting phones used to come only with basic features like calling and texting. Now almost all the phones have camera, music player, FM radio etc as a basic feature apart from the basics.History of Phones:Mobile phones were first launched in India in mid 1995. Since then the evolution of mobile phones had started in India. I still remember my first mobile phone that my father gave me as my birthday gift. It cost him about 35,000 rupees. Yes believe me 35,000 rupees. All I got was about 500 grams weighing huge handset. Now the trend has changed. Time changed and so did the models of phones. Started was the race of making smaller and lightest phones. Later, came the trend of smart phones. 2G enabled, 3G enabled phones etc.Features of Phones:Till recently, the phones available in Indian markets were generally imported. They contain many features like: video player, video camera, still camera, music player, FM radio, dual SIM etc. But, now all these features are also available in phones produced in India. Yes there are many Indian companies that have started producing phones at par with foreign companies.Comparison of Indian Phone vs Imported ones:Indian markets generally welcome items that are “cheap and best”. Yes indeed, to gain access to mass population of India, companies had to come up with the best phones and price tags. There were times when only imported phones were available in Indian markets and hence covering mass population of India was a bit difficult. Later came, the so called “Chinese phones” that changed the way people used to think of mobiles. These so called “Chinese mobiles” were very cheap and had most of the features that a costly phone might have. Example: One of the china made phone would just cost about 2000 rupees and will cover all the features like that of a big brand worth 12000 rupees. This made a huge difference in Indian markets. Looking at the same, many industrialists got an idea of manufacturing mobile phones in India. This gave way to a whole new range of phones made in India for India. They were pretty reasonable on cost and features offered.Top Indian Brands and Average Costs:After the launch of Indian phones, the price tags of mobile phones dropped drastically. There were days when a good handset would cost you nothing less than 25,000 rupees but now you can get a similar phone for less than 5,000 rupees. Top Indian companies like: Lava, Micromax, Fly, Gee Pee, Intex, Karbonn, Spice, Zen etc. These companies not just offer the best features and price but also offer a wide range of mobile models. There are companies that offer a range of up to 250 handsets to choose from. The cost of these phones ranges from about 1000 rupees to 10000 rupees. So, what more did the Indian markets wants? Now every person carries Mobile phones in India, that are Indian and with pride.

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