Wholesale Mobile Phones, 7 Reasons Why They\\\'re Great For Resale

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Online vendors, are you tired of competing tooth and nail for your place in the trademark mobile phone market? Why not check out the new market for wholesale mobile phones, A new and exciting element of the already thriving online mobile phone resale business.

If you're an eBay trader or online store owner dealing mainly with consumer electronics you'd have to be living a pretty sheltered life not to know that it has been getting increasingly difficult to sell trademarked phones online these days.

The high level of competition for keywords and customers and the constant presence of sellers with poor business ethics make it difficult to get into or expand your presence in the market. Even trying to maintain your current market share is likely to take more marketing than was previously needed.

One market that has just emerged and doesn't face the same overcrowding problems is the wholesale mobile phone market,Guest Posting and it is for this reason that I think wholesale mobile phones make great resale items. Here are some more reasons I think this will be the market to be in for e-commerce retailers involved in telecommunications to be in.

1)    You can establish yourself as the market leader

It is no secret that establishing your brand in a market during its inception makes it easier for your customers and consumers to associate you with that product than setting up when the market is fully developed. While it doesn’t always work and no all markets take off (minidisks anyone) the signs are there that the market for wholesale mobile phones will have a great deal of staying power, especially if you sell wholesale mobiles from China.

2)    Almost all the wholesale cell phones for sale are not locked.

You'd have to be deaf dumb and blind to not know how popular unlocked phones are in the US, an immense mobile market. 

The US may be the land of the free but try telling that to cell phone users. Most of the cell phones available in the US are locked to one plan or another and unlocking a phone like an iPod, Nokia or Blackberry usually involves cracking the case which invalidates the warranty.

With wholesale mobile phones they come direct from the factory not connected to a plan giving the end user the freedom to select which company's plan they use.

3)    Same or better features, lower cost

When Oakley came out with 1GB MP3 sunglasses they charged between US$199 and US$300 for the accessories. The price for non branded sunglasses at a Chinese wholesaler is US$30.

It is just the same story when looking at wholesale mobile phones, and cellphones from China are especially likely to come at a discount.

4)    Wholesale mobile phones are more likely to have cutting-edge features

While brand name mobile phones are likely to stick to the tried and true when it comes to

making new cell phones wholesale mobile phones are less likely to be so cautious.

This is especially likely if you are sourcing cellphones from China through a mobile shop in China or on the internet through a wholesale company. The Chinese government recently opened up the cellphone manufacturing market creating a high level of competition within the industry, increasing the number of wholesale mobile phones tenfold.

Companies haven't been able to compete on price and are trying to use features to compete instead and in the last six months alone we have seen the solar-powered cellphone, TV mobile phone and watch phone come out of China before it emerged anywhere else with many bigger brand names not even releasing a cell phone watch.

5)    You can put your own brand on the mobile phones for further brand recognition of your online store

When selling brand name mobile phones you always have to market two names, the name of your store and the name of the phone. While the phone brand generally does have some draw with customers it can make the message cluttered for the customer and often the customer remembers the name of the phone before the name of your store.

When you buy and sell wholesale mobile phones you don't have another name to market making the message you send to potential customers much clearer. And, by testing wholesale cellphones, or unlocked cellphones before you supply markets and monitoring the quality and maintaining good customer support policies you should be able to position yourself as the provider of your own branded cellphones guaranteeing steady sales.

6)    More income opportunities

The number of registered cellphone companies and manufacturers of cellphones in China has

swelled from 30 to over 90 due to an easing in government regulations. With this many phones up for grabs it represents an incredible number of income streams that can be added to your site or business with little risk.

So, if you're selling trademarked mobile phones or consumer electronics online then you would be making a huge mistake. This fantastic new market is one that is sure to bring amazing rewards to the innovative eBay traders who get in on the ground floor.

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