What You "Should" Do In Your Online Business

Aug 9


Jeanette Cates, PhD

Jeanette Cates, PhD

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As an online business owner, it is highly likely that you have a list of things that you know you "should" do regarding your business. However, the reality is that you rarely get to these tasks because your time is limited. Here I describe a tool that has enabled me to tackle some of those "shoulds" with amazing efficiency.


I know I "should" check my statistics more often - at least once a month. I know that I "should" pick up the keywords from my stats package for each domain. I know I "should" check my backlinks in all of the major search engines. I know I "should" do a lot more tracking of my Online Success.

But I don't. Why? It's too time-consuming!

As an example,What You "Should" Do In Your Online Business Articles here is the process to check the stats on ONE domain: Log into the cpanel. Click on the stats icon. Click on AWStats (my preferred package). Look at the summary. Copy the major stats into a spreadsheet so I can track them over time. Click to look at the robots who have visited my site. Click to look at the keywords people have used to reach the site. Copy the keywords and save them in a text file so I can use them for PPC ads, articles, etc.

Whew! Ten minutes later, I've finished ONE domain. If you have 5 domains, it will take you about an hour. If you have 50 domains - it's more than a day's work! And if you have more than 100 domains - well, you get the picture!

I've dreamed for years that there could be an easier, faster way. I've talked to other Internet marketers. I've talked to programmers. No one had a solution. Until this week!

Enter the "miracle software," as I'm calling it. It not only checks your stats, keywords, and backlinks, but it also gives you the number of pages from each site indexed in each of the major search engines. It finds your page rank and tells you about the robots' most recent visits. Plus it tracks the stats over time and builds a chart - for each of your domains! Sweet.

Now if that's all it did, I would be a very happy web manager. But it doesn't stop there.

I have more than 300 domains on one server. Imagine clicking ONE button and having the software pick up the domain names, usernames, and passwords for all of my domains. Took less than a minute! Everything else I want to do in the software uses that information - and I don't have to enter anything else.

And here's the clincher. I decided I wanted to add new 404 pages to all of my domains as an additional revenue stream. I was prepared to upload the pages and graphics to each of my 300 domains, one site at a time. But with the Mass FTP function, I can click ONE button and have the page and graphics uploaded to 300 sites in a matter of minutes. I don't know about you, but I am thrilled with the possibilities this software opens. In my first hour with the software, I have saved over 40 hours of work - that I probably would never have gotten finished. I'm a better web manager and a much happier person - with more information at my fingertips. Now I can concentrate on running my business, instead of working at the clerical detail level.

If you are ready for it, check out http://www.YourDomainDashboard.com