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While many people are unemployed and facing difficult times during the current economic recession, there IS something that you can do about it. Countless people are quietly generating a fortune selling simple products on Ebay. Many easily earn $100 Per Day with just 1-2 hour work. Discover how.

Sometimes we wonder if all of the bad news that we hear is just the media manipulating public opinion... for some reason unbeknownst to us.

Yesterday,Guest Posting I had driven home to me just how bad the recession actually IS in my part of the U.S., and also how I could actually help out.

I'm retired U.S. Air Force, so I've earned a pension.

That means that after having served 20 years in the military, I DO have a guaranteed income for the rest of my life. Combine that with the web business that I've built and I honestly DON'T notice most of the economic ups and downs.

Yesterday, I drove to a nearby air force base to get a haircut by my favorite barber. It was a 1-hour drive each way, but since I always LOVE the job that this barber does, it was worth the drive. At the same time, I listened to marketing CD's both ways, so I "worked" while I drove.

When I got to the barber shop, Bonnie, my favorite barber, was working on another customer. There were two other barbers in the shop, both just standing around. I had an appointment with Bonnie and patiently waited for her. I KNEW that she'd do a great job, and I didn't KNOW that about the other two barbers.

Bonnie had run this shop for many years, and has cut my hair steadily since 1998. In some areas of my life, I don't like change.

My turn came, and Bonnie did her usual fabulous job. While I was in the chair, two patrons came in. One had an appointment with Bonnie, and the other one went with Bob.

While getting my haircut, the third barber told Bonnie and Bob that she'd had enough fun for the day, and was going home. She had already planned out her next 30 days, and since there were NO customers, she was "going to go do something more productive."

As I chatted with Bonnie, careful not to distract her too much, she shared that business was at maybe 25% of the normal level. Many soldiers who normally got haircuts every week, not stretched things to every 2-3 weeks. Many retirees, who use to get haircuts every 2-4 weeks, now dropped by once every 1-2 months!

As we talked more, she pointed out that many family members of soldiers, whose incomes normally supplemented the household incomes, had been laid off from their jobs (often in the service industries). She point out that there are many THOUSANDS of out-of-work people in our local area.

Next Bonnie ask me how my business was doing.

Embarrassingly, I told her that it was doing great and that I really hadn't felt the recession. I explained to her that I sell a variety of product online, and that I have a knack for choosing product that lots of people want.

Bob perked up and came over to join the conversation between Bonnie and myself. After all, there was not another customer in site.

I explained to both of them exactly what I do online. I also shared how they, and their families and friends, could still do well using the power of the Internet.

I observed that right now two things are happening...

1) People are thinking about the upcoming holiday season and wondering if they'll have enough money to afford nice presents.

2) More people are searching harder for bargains.

Both of those things suggested to me that Ebay is the place to be as a seller, AND Ebay is the place to do your shopping. Ebay is the place where untold millions go EVERY DAY looking for bargains.

I pointed Bonnie to an ebook, and audio course called "$100 Per Day - The Ebay Way." I recommended that she get it and she and the other barbers load the MP3's onto a portable player, and listen to them during lulls at work.

I pointed them to

Bonnie, Bob and the other barber are different in many ways from the "average American." Since they are exposed to soldier every day who are taught to "find a way" they understand that they don't need to be a victim of this current economic recessions.

In every economic upturn or downturn, some people do VERY well.

The key is to find the opportunities.

It made perfect sense to them, and to me, that Ebay is the place to be if that's where so many people are forced to turn as they tighten their belts.

Bonnie and I also discussed that in times like these, often just $100 - $200 per month could make the difference between "making ends meet" and having the car repossessed.

I shared with Bonnie and Bob that there are literally THOUSANDS of honest ways to make that extra $100 - $200 in a DAY online, and that they can do it in just 1 or 2 hours of spare time.

I couldn't resist sharing with Bonnie and Bob that I co-authored an ebook called "20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online." I did that partly because I know that anytime you tell someone offline that you are an author, that impresses them :-)

I pointed out that Ebay is one of the most popular websites on the face of the planet, and therefore a great place to build a business. They actually get more searches than Google does!

I also acknowledged that Ebay is not for everyone. Hence, they should also get a copy of "20 Ways" and read it.

Bonnie asked where, and I told her that that was easy. Just go to

I suggested that she get a copy of the ebook, print it out, and stick it in a 3-ring binder where she could really study it. I also promised that if she had it in the barbershop on my next visit, that I'd autograph it :-)

As I finished up my visit to the barber shop, Bob joked that if I saw anyone needing a haircut, I should send them their way.

So, yes, some of us really are feeling the current economic downturn. None of us have to "take it lying down" though! Ebay is HUGE, and all of the holiday decorations being put up in my hometown tell me that the shoppers are being reminded that it's "time to shop."

It really is that simple ;-)

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