How To Easily Make More Affiliate Sales Using Audio

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Interviews explaining a problem and a solution is one of the easiest ways to use web audio to make sales. Here's a twist to use so that your listener is automatically redirected to the sales page when the audio finishes.

Making sales of any products is no more difficult than helping people conclude that what you have to offer is the ideal solution to a nagging,Guest Posting painful problem that they have.

One very effective method that I use to do this is to discuss the product with the person who knows it best - the product owners. You can do the same.

You merely need to arrange an interview with the product owner and record it. You can do this using any of dozens of free teleconferencing services, using a recording device hooked up to your phone, or as I often do, using Audio Acrobat at:

I like audio acrobat because, 2-3 minutes after you hang up the phone, you have an MP3 ready to download or stream from their server. For $20 per month, you get unlimited bandwidth and can do as many calls as you like. Lots of leading marketers use Audio Acrobat. You can check out the features at the url above and even try out the system for free for 30 days :-)

Most companies offering free conference call lines charge you extra for the recording or for replays!

During the interview, focus on the problem that the product solves. People need to be made painfully aware of a problem, and that it's not going to get any better unless they do something about it.

Only after you discuss the seriousness of the problem, do you discuss the solution. At this point, don't be afraid to discuss more than one solution (assuming that your solution is superior).

Next, you tell your listeners precisely how to get the product - via your affiliate link. Ideally, during an audio interview, you have a link handy that's easy for your listeners to type into their browsers, or even remember if they happen to be listening to your audio in their cars.

One of the challenges that you'll face using audio interviews is that even when you point out a solution to people, they will often do nothing. Many will listen to your interview, conclude that the product is ideal for them, and then NOT click through to check out the product. People just procrastinate on taking even simple actions.

An easy solution to that problem is to redirect your listeners to a webpage that you want them to see at the end of your audio.

Use a program like Audio Redirector to AUTOMATICALLY send your pre-sold listeners right to your sales page or order form.

By automatically redirecting them to your sales page after telling them of an obvious solution to a painful problem, you're 90% of the way to making the sale, and many will go ahead and order.

Download the Audio Redirector software at

When you think about it, what can be simpler than discussing a problem with someone who has a proven solution? Record that discussion, and make that recording available to those who know that they need a solution. At the end of the discussion, you "helpfully" send those listeners over to where they can purchase the product.

Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

It works, it really does :-)

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