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  “ATTENTION STUDENTS, as you know your final exams are going to start by the last week of this month, so I am going to assign you an assignment on critical essay around 500 – 600 words. Make sure you write a Plagiarism free work if you’re are longing for additional marks!”

Assigning critical essay was fine, but how to make it plagiarism free? Aren’t we supposed to take ideas by reading online and reference books? These types of question often pop up in every students’ mind when their instructor especially warns them to write a plagiarism free work.

What is Plagiarism by the Way?

Plagiarism means “to steal other writer ideas and copy their work without crediting them” hence,Guest Posting it is considered a crime in the academic world, as well as in the content writing field. At times, the first proprietor of the substance (composing or different structures), is unconscious that his work has been replicated.

Types of Plagiarism

There are two types of plagiarism often found in student’s as well as blogger’s work;

Intentional plagiarism – International plagiarism is said to occur when writer tend to copy the entire material in order to save their time and effort without using the source, or accrediting original writer.

Intentional plagiarism covers cheap freelance writers, article spinners and few students come under this category.

Unintentional Plagiarism – Unintentional plagiarism is when writer though not copying other’s work with intention of copying, yet their writing matches the traces of content that is already previously published elsewhere.

How to Check your Plagiarism in Your Work?

Don’t worry, there are myriads of plagiarism checking tools online that can help you check the authenticity of your work, but I’ve compiled a list of free online plagiarism tools where you can check your work without any charges. Just copy-paste your file, and get instant results within no time!

Shall we start?

1.   Dupli Checker


This tool is an online plagiarism checker that is absolutely free. Here, you can upload your file, or copy-paste the content in the empty box and submits the context. The results will be available to you within a couple of seconds.

2.   Plagiarism. Net


The plagiarism.net is another free online plagiarism checking tool that accepts simple context or unloaded file and looks for the matching content on search engines as soon as possible. It proves a quick result and highlights the matching content telling which one is unique, and which one is not.

3.   Small SEO Tools


The Small SEO Tools is a unique plagiarism tool online that comprises of various features. In this website, you can not only check free plagiarism free of cost, but can also check other SEO stuff including back links, article spinner, keywords optimization, etc.

For searching plagiarism, just copy-paste the context, or upload the file and click on “check plagiarism” within a minutes, it’ll highlight the copied and unique content in an amount of percentage plagiarism used.

4.  Plagium


This is one of the best tools for plagiarism checking and detection. Plagium tool is equipped with several features. One of the striking features of this tool is, it can also effectively check for content published on even the social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) besides checking the web.

When you enter the duplicate of the substance, it does its work in a flash and advances the outcome in seconds.

5.   Paper Rater


The Paper Rater is a free online plagiarism tool to check the copied content. It has three useful tools namely, plagiarism detection. grammar checking, and writing suggestions.

It is an extremely convenient device that distinguishes unimaginative substance in understudy and scholastic records like school tasks and different papers.


6.   Plag Scan


Plag Scan tool is an easy and perfect alternative to check plagiarism and gather reports. Something that additionally enhances the client experience is its steady and superb client bolster administrations.

Adorned with different rich elements, it additionally offers the choice to redo its elements as per client prerequisites and convenience. You can check the trial form before you bounce to subscribing this.

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