7 Worst Grammar Mistakes to Avoid While Writing

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Grammar is a vital part of every writing, may it be academic writing or a simple blog writing. Reading this content will allow you to become familiar with the most common mistakes that must be avoided.

Grammar is the foremost thing that is taught to the students when they begin framing sentences. Isn’t it?

Then,Guest Posting why even today college students tend to make grammar blunders while preparing assignments? Do they get paid for making major grammar mistakes? Of course, not. Doing this, they are simply losing their credibility of writing.

To avoid such kind of tedious situations, let’s become aware of some of the common grammar issues that are actually depleting your reliability.  

• Sentence Fragments
• Lack of Parallel Structure
• Incorrect Use of Words
• Inappropriate Use of Apostrophe (Its)
• No Comma in a Compound Sentence
• Unclear Pronoun Reference
• Sentence Sprawl

1. Sentence Fragments

What do you understand by sentence fragments? These are actually the incomplete sentences that don’t hold any independent meaning or purpose. A fragment tends to lack in the subject or a verb or may be both of them.

Example 1:  

Incorrect: We first got into the car. And then rolled down the windows.
Correct: We rolled down the windows as we got into the car.

Example 2:

Incorrect: She gave her brother an amazing gift. This happened after a heated argument.
Correct: Even after a heated argument, she gave her brother an amazing gift.

2. Lack of Parallel Structure

You must know that when two or more sections of a particular sentence are correct in terms of meaning but aren’t parallel, faulty parallelism tends to arise. This type of issue mostly occurs when you are writing about a continuous series of items.

Example 1:
Incorrect: I have to submit reporting of different subjects for which I availed Assignment Help Sydney.
Correct: I have to submit a report of different subjects for which I availed Assignment Help Sydney.

Example 2:

Incorrect: Kevin wanted to learn about careers in engineering, programming and research scientist.
Correct: Kevin wanted to learn about careers in engineering, programming, and research science.

3. Incorrect Use of Words

You must have not realized but there are a number of words and phrases that are highly confusing and are misused at the time of framing sentences. Incorrect use of these words or phrases may change the actual meaning of the sentence.

To express one idea, there can are plenty of words. Thus, it is always good to search for the meaning first and then use it in the right manner.

Example 1:
Incorrect: Even after the proof, she was not ready to except her mistake.
Correct: Even after the proof, she was not ready to accept her mistake.

Example 2:
Incorrect: Bad weather will effect the production of crops.
Correct: Bad weather will affect the production of crops.

4. Inappropriate Use of Apostrophe (Its)

Another major mistake that needs to be considered is that always make use of an apostrophe with ‘its’ only if the meaning comes out to be, ‘it is’ or ‘it has’.

Example 1:
Incorrect: I saw the cat licking it’s tail.
Correct: I saw the cat licking its tail.

Example 2:

Incorrect: Its been 2 years that I am into this field.
Correct: It has been 2 years that I am into this field.

5. No Comma in a Compound Sentence

What do you understand by a compound sentence? A compound sentence is a sentence that has more than one subject or predicate in it. A comma is used to separate two or more individual parts of a compound sentence. The comma is used after the first clause and before adding conjunction that splits the clauses. The grammar check tools can be used to get rid of such minor but crucial issues.

Example 1:
Incorrect: The boy jumped into his car and went away.
Correct: The boy jumped into his car, and went away.

Example 2:
Incorrect: She was intelligent and she was full of life.
Correct: She was intelligent, and she was full of life.

6. Unclear Pronoun Reference

A pronoun is used to substitute a noun. Besides this, the antecedent must be the person, thing or a place. So, you need to know that an unclear pronoun reference such as it, this, which and that may leave the reader in confusion as to whom the pronoun is being used for.

Example 1:
Incorrect: When Jon found his pet, he was very happy.
Correct: Jon was very happy when he finally found his pet.

Example 2:
Incorrect: Ammie was angry because of Marrie’s decision. This is what ended everything.
Correct: Ammie was angry because of Marrie’s decision. Her choice ended everything.

7. Sentence Sprawl

Just to increase the word count, most of the times, students make a mistake of stretching the sentence to the maximum. Such a sentence can become a burden for the readers to read and come out to the right meaning.

Incorrect: Jaon was planning to attend his sister’s wedding on April 30, but at the last minute he realized he had jury duty, so he couldn’t attend the wedding, and he felt really guilty about it.
Correct: Unexpectedly Jaon was called for jury duty and couldn’t attend his sister’s April 30 wedding. He felt guilty about missing it.

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