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 Good ISEE test prep can make a huge difference on exam day. The Independent Secondary School Entrance Exam is scheduled for a three to four-hour period including sign in and breaks (the actual examination is about two hours).

 Having the opportunity to run a sample test and knowing what areas of study to focus on will have a big,Guest Posting positive and direct impact on overall scores. Study and preparation are the key to success.

 There are generally only two breaks scheduled over the duration of the exam, so prepare accordingly (pack a snack and don’t let your son/daughter drink too much until afterwords because you do not want your child squirming for multiple bathroom break during the test). That would be very distracting.

 Considering the overall dog-eat-dog nature of the ISEE exam and how some categories of marks are rated versus the performance of other students, it is essential to be prepared, as possible and using an ISEE study guide is good way to do this. There are several books available (locally and online) by reputable companies that cover the entire exam and also include sample tests (books are one of the least expensive methods of prep). If you are looking online you can do a quick Amazon search to see what is out there. It is important to look at the publishing date when buying a book because you need to stay current. The test is updated annually and while the form and layout may not have changed some types of questions may have been altered or omitted due to current political or religious sensitivities.

 Be prepared! The test itself is not really all that difficult, what is important is getting a very high score. A students final test score is a percentage mark that reflects his/her performance versus all the other students who have taken the exam in a three-year period. 98% means you beat 98% of the other students (you may have only scored 94% but you beat 98% of the others). The mindset should be “nail every question”. With some time spent on good preparation that can be achieved.

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Greg Adams

 If you have some money to spend on ISEE test prep, then also look at one of the multimedia options, as these are far more engaging than a book and certainly more interactive while at the same time providing full and current test samples for all sections of the exam. Tutoring may be an option for those with deep pockets; check with local colleges or universities. The bottom line is that preparation is the key to success.

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