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With the ever increasing human population,Guest Posting world leaders are constantly challenged with maintaining resources that their citizens need to live on a daily basis. With world hunger being at the forefront of these challenges, people suffering significantly depends on their geographical location. General knowledge websites contain a lot of information on this subject. Questions and answers regarding population around the world can help shed more light on the issue of world hunger.

The city of Los Angeles is a bustling city where widespread famine is not an issue. Although it certainly has its poor population, we don’t see the level of starvation that we see in less developed nations. How many people live in Los Angeles? With a population of over 3 million, Los Angeles compares in population numbers to some small countries and in some cases even has a higher number of people. This clearly illustrates that the number of people in of itself is not an indicator for widespread famine. Los Angeles is part of an industrialized nation with booming commerce and work opportunities allowing its citizens to purchase goods and services.

Switzerland is a Western nation that offers nationalized healthcare and public assistance programs to its citizens. Like the United States, widespread famine does not occur there. It too is an industrialized nation, providing its citizens with a means to pay for food and shelter. Although a smaller nation, Switzerland still has some pull in international discussions. How many people live in Switzerland? With a population of over 7 million, Switzerland contributes to the global economy on a larger scale than one might expect.

When you consider that if you were to take the entire number of people on the planet and divide it by the amount of food available on a global level, you would see that there is more than enough food to feed everyone. How many people live in the world? The world population approaches 7 billion.  It is estimated that there are 350 Billion pounds of edible food available in the United States each year. Almost 100 billion pounds of this is wasted by retailers every year. The numbers are staggering to say the least and add credence to the idea that many Western nations are wasteful with their resources.

If taken on face value, the direct cause of famine appears to be lack of industrialization. Third world nations suffer with the highest number of people going hungry. With no way to earn a living they have no way to purchase food. That’s if food is available. By educating ourselves and creating awareness do we have the hope to eradicate issues such as world hunger. You can learn about population and world hunger by browsing through a number of general knowledge websites. Through education and shifting of resources, many of those starving today could have a brighter future.

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