How to Change the Climate of a School

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We know that research states that a positive climate is one of the biggest reasons a school is successful. But we also know that can only happen if there is a commitment from the principal to make having a positive climate a priority for the school. This article provide a sample of how to chnage the climate of a school.

When the principal of a school begins a new school year,Guest Posting one of the many goals of the year is to be successful. That success is directly related to the climate of the school. Research has shown that the climate of a school is the result of the leadership style of the principal. So, how do you develop a positive climate in a school if the teachers are unhappy and students are disruptive?
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the principal will determine the climate of the building; thus, the style of the principal must be of a caring nature in order to develop a positive climate.

This positive change in climate will come quickly if the principal treats the staff and students with respect. If the staff members are treated as professionals and the students are treated as human beings, then the climate will be conducive to success. Every human being wants to be treated with respect and to feel wanted. The principal should make a point of letting the staff and students know how important they are to the success of the school, and that everyone is in this together. This kind of positive attitude will help shape the environment of the school.

That leads to the next important task of the principal, which is to make everyone feel like a valued member of a team. When the staff believes they can make a difference and that their educational wisdom will be needed, a strong team is being developed. This development can be started by grouping the staff together on different committees or assignments and giving them the authority to make decisions without having to answer back to the principal every minute. Allowing the staff to use their creativity and academic expertise is a great way to get them to buy into the team approach of leadership.

This team approach should begin at the beginning of the school year, and the entire staff should be included. A good way to involve the staff is to have the entire staff in attendance at the first staff meeting, including the clerical workers, custodians, social workers, counselors, and teachers. At that first meeting, the principal should explain how the whole staff will be included in the process of improving the school. Also, the principal should discuss the school mission and some of the positive goals for the school year, as well as what role the staff will play. The meeting should be very positive, and staff members should leave with a great deal of hope and belief that they are needed for the success of the school.

Another important part of changing the climate of a school involves getting the staff to encourage the students to excel. The staff must treat the students like people and really be concerned about their future. The staff should have the same high expectations for the students as if they were their own children.

To make sure all students start the school year with high expectations and a positive attitude, the school should organize grade-level meetings. These meetings could discuss how students can perform at their highest capacities and how the school will support them. This could include how students can earn high grades in each class, how students can organize their day for success, how to prepare for standardized tests, how to study, where tutorial help is available, and what the mission of the school is. In addition, rules and regulations of the school should be discussed. The meeting should also be very positive, and students can be given some small incentives to encourage them throughout the school year. This can lead to an increase in student achievements.

Throughout this process, the school principal must keep a positive attitude by demonstrating a concern for what is going on in the building. Having encouraging words for the staff and students can go a long way in improving the climate of the building. Showcasing students’ accomplishments whenever possible is also a great motivator.

The key to the climate change in a school is the principal having a clear plan on how he or she can collaboratively work with the staff and students to have a successful school. Successful schools have leaders who make a commitment to be successful, and they have decided to take whatever steps are needed to make that happen. When the principal expects the school climate to be positive, it becomes contagious for the staff and students. The climate of a building should be a high priority in all schools.

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