How to make a lucrative career in the field of Nursing

Aug 18


Catherine Walsh

Catherine Walsh

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If you want to join such a noble and virtuous occupation that allows you to serve fellow humans,How to make a lucrative career in the field of  Nursing Articles then nursing is meant for you. Florence Nightingale, the legendary English nurse, played a vital role in making the nursing profession popular through her work after the Second World War. She served the soldiers who got injured in the war, and that’s why she is often called the founder of modern nursing.

In India, nursing is one of the most preferred career options for women. A very challenging, accessible, and respectful profession, nursing usually refers to the practice that involves taking care of sick people and helping them recover from their medical conditions. It’s an integral part of the Indian medical system.

Courses & Duration

Candidates aspiring to get into the profession can join the nursing course at different levels. There is plenty of diploma, degree, postgraduate, and doctoral courses available in the nursing field. Indian Nursing Council (INC) is the recognition and accreditation body for nursing education in India. Some renowned private hospitals and health centers also offer certificate courses.

Popular courses in the field of nursing include:

  •    Auxiliary Nursing & Midwife (ANM) – 18 Months
  •    General Nursing & Midwife (GNM)  - 3.5 Years
  •    B. Sc. Nursing – 4 Years
  •    B. Sc. Distance - 3 Years
  •    M. Sc. Nursing – 2 Years
  •    M. Phil – 1 Year (Full Time)
  •    Ph.D. – 3 to 5 Years


ANM Nursing is a diploma program of 18 months. For entry, you need to be 10th pass with at least 45% marks. There will be an entrance test conducted by the nursing entrance board.

GNM nursing is an advanced diploma course with a duration of three and a half years. If you want to join this program, you must complete your 12th with at least 45 percent marks. Also, you will have to appear for and qualify the entrance exam conducted by the nursing entrance board. Certain colleges allow direct admissions too, without a need for Entrance Exams.

  1. Sc. Nursing is the most common degree program in the field of nursing. The duration of the program is four years. If you have cleared 12th class with science subjects and 45% marks, you are eligible for the course.

You need to sit for and clear the entrance exam to seek admission in a government hospital. Some of the most sought-after specializations in the field are:

  •    Neurological Nursing
  •    Neurosurgical Nursing
  •    Ophthalmic Nursing
  •    Leprosy Nursing
  •    TB Nursing
  •    Community Health Nursing
  •    Cancer Nursing
  •    Orthopedic Nursing
  •    Oncological Nursing
  •    Paediatric Nursing
  •    Critical Care Nursing
  •    Cardio-Thoracic Nursing
  •    Operation Room Nursing

Job & Career

No matter whether it is inflation or recession, nursing will always be in demand not only in India but also across the globe. With a nursing degree and qualification, you will never remain unemployed. You can find employment in hospitals, nursing homes, and health care oraginations. The field also enables you to get a high pay government job. Not to mention the Indian government hire more than 22000 nurses every year.

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