How to study for your class 12 geography exam with the fresh CBSE exam pattern?

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his is why, class 12 geography subject is formed in a way to display the in-depth picture of the subject to the 12thees through the NCERT textbook and the latest CBSE Geography study material for class 12.

The geography subject in class 12 is mainly chosen by those students who wish to pursue their further education in related fields like remote sensing,Guest Posting cartography, metrology, etc. This is why, class 12 geography subject is formed in a way to display the in-depth picture of the subject to the 12thees through the NCERT textbook and the latest CBSE Geography study material for class 12.

What’s new this year?

For 2021-22 academic session, the CBSE has made an extensive alteration to the exam pattern. It is a deliberate decision taken to curb the growing impact of the ongoing pandemic wherein students/schools are restricted to perform their educational activities.

Before we move on and discuss the amazing tips to study and score excellently, let’s read the key features of the new exam pattern as proposed by the CBSE:

New Features

Term 1

Term 2

Syllabus Covered

50% Rationalized Syllabus

50% Rationalized Syllabus

Paper to be Conducted



Time Slot

90 Minutes

2 Hours


Marks will contribute to the final overall score of students.

Marks would contribute to the final overall score.

Typology of Questions

MCQs(Case-based, Assertion-reasoning)

Case-based/ situation based, open ended- short answer/ long answer type).



Question Papers will be sent by the CBSE to schools along with marking scheme.

Examination centers fixed by the Board.

Internal Assessment

  • 3 Periodic tests, student enrichment, portfolio and practical work/ speaking listening activities/ project(Classes 9,10)
  • End of topic or unit tests/ exploratory activities/ practical exams/ projects.(Classes 11,12)


Best Reference Books

  • NCERT Textbook lays the foundation of the subject topics
  • Together with geography class 12 study material as it comes with the following incredible features:
  • Marks oriented book based on the latest CBSE exam pattern for both the terms (Term I & II)
  • Newly-introduced objective type questions, assertion and source-based questions
  • Flow charts, technical terms, and map-based identification and labeling
  • Revised practical work as per the latest syllabus
  • 10 practice papers (2 solved and 8 unsolved)
  • Answers to unsolved papers/questions are available at

Tips to excel in the geography CBSE terminal examination (Term I & Term II)

  1. Prepare achievable study goals through your notes, textbook and the latest CBSE Geography study material for class 12.
  2. Choose the best study zone in your home, which is far away from any kind of distraction and has proper lighting and ventilation. Keep one study zone for both online classes and offline studies through the geography new release study material for class 12.
  3. Practice lots of MCQs (Case-based, Assertion-reasoning), open-ended short-answer/long-answer type) questions as they form the base of 12th class CBSE terminal assessments (Term I & Term II) this year. With the latest edition of Together with geography class 12 study material, you will find no problem in practicing and knowing abundant of such question types.
  4. Develop a habit of reading through the geography chapters and underlining the important terms and phrases. One-word and MCQ-type questions can be asked from any content. So read every chapter of NCERT carefully and practice related questions through the iconic and all-new Together with geography class 12 study material.
  5. Solve practice/mock papers to gain ultimate exam confidence. You can soon buy the latest Together with geography class 12 sample papers based on this altogether new CBSE exam pattern. As always, they would serve as the best practice material for the 12thees.
  6. Eat healthily. Your daily diet must include a lot of fluids, fresh vegetables, milk products and fruits. When you eat healthily, you stay fit and can learn better through the exemplary CBSE Geography study material for class 12.
  7. Sleep liberally without taking up the exam anxiety along with you. You can listen to music, watch your favorite show or drink a glass of hot milk to have a good sleep of about 7-8 hours. The next day, you’ll start a new morning with fresh energy and determination.
  8. Revise what you learn. Studying for the geography CBSE terminal exams must not stop after learning a topic well. You need to practice related questions in bulk to stay confident till the exam day. So, buy and follow the 2021-22 edition of Together with geography class 12 study material by placing a quick online order at in today!

With so many helpful tips, the right syllabus for Term I & Term II and the best CBSE Geography study material for class 12, there’s no point to losing marks in the CBSE result. So buck up and start studying!

Good luck!

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