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Tanya Prasher

Tanya Prasher

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Interactive whiteboards work as an information display. It assists teachers and students in acquiring knowledge beyond academic syllabus. It works as per the instruction given by the users through finger touch operations.



Today,INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD:  BOON TO EDUCATION SYSTEM Articles Technology has overtaken different areas of occupation and no one is untouched with the expansion of technology. Gradually, it is becoming the need of a layman to learn working with the technology. We go to schools and colleges in order to gain knowledge about machines so that we can invent technology and make it part of our lives for convenience. It is also very true that whatever we do in our life, we have to give something to the society in return. So, whatever we have learned so far in schools/colleges/training institutes, we are giving back to the society with an invention of a didactic device “INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS”. With the help of this technology, young minds will be able to strive for something better than it.


However, teaching without technology is an unaccomplished task in itself. Education is an area where technology can give good results to the budding aspirants of various fields. Due to technological advancement, schools are getting accessorized with computers, projectors & interactive whiteboards. All these devices together are helping in imparting knowledge and skill to the students. The Interactive whiteboard is having a large screen connected with a computer and a projector. The projector helps in projecting the computer’s desktop onto the board’s screen. Usually, interactive whiteboards are mounted on the wall. The board has touch screen operations provide multiple students to work on it at the same time; Students can give inputs with a finger or dummy pen and can also be operated by the computer keyboard and mouse. The infrared sensor enables quick response to every input command given by the users. In addition to this, the board has hardened and anti-scratch surface, which allows to keep on working irrespective of dents and scratches.


Interactive Whiteboards assist in giving the clear idea about any concept, teachers can use visuals in the context of any topic, can annotate and highlight them with an option to save. If a student is unable to grasp any topic or unattended any session, recorded lecture on the topic can be shown at any point in time when required. In this way, students will understand easily and quickly without wasting much time. Interactive whiteboards also support third party software, and compatible to run on interactive whiteboards. Many web based games on various subjects which help in creating an interesting session ultimately sharpen the mind of students. An interactive whiteboard facilitates to carry on the working without deleting the content rather it saves the information due to ample storage space. Earlier, Teacher used to have problem in sharing information due to the limited space on the board, used to be erased by duster for making space. But, now with the help of IWB, the problem no longer persists.

Lets have a quick look at some Interactive Whiteboard tools:-

Main toolbar function - In the start menu, it has an option for saving, which saves the existing document, open- function for opening an existing file. The print option in the digital board for taking print results of an existing file. It also has a facility to export the current page into JPEG, PPT, PDF & an HTML file format. Email, one can even make an account in outlook express for emailing current writing contents as attachment(PPT or PDF format).

There are some other functions in Interactive Whiteboards like wrap screen to show part of the screen to the audience, image capturer, spotlight- for highlighting a certain area so that the audience can focus on this area, and also can rotate, resize the selected area. Another important tool is screen recorder where the whole process can be saved as an AVI File. Using a microphone, voice can be recorded as well . Tools like protactor and triangle ruler for measuring the angle’s in mathematics and for making arc drawing which can be rotated, zoom out and moved. Other vital feature of interactive whiteboards are “Annotation”, i.e. Screen annotation, wherein a student can annotate the current page, desktop and other applications. Under screen annotation, users can also annotate the office document, power point & Excel.

At Last, we can say that by giving proper knowledge to the students with the help of technology, we can have innovative results for our education system.

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