Job Interview Tips: How to Interview with Confidence

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Job interview tips: how to interview with confidence. Here are three things everyone interviewing for a job should do...

Since just getting an interview can often seem like a job in itself,Guest Posting you can go ahead and give yourself a big pat on the back if you've landed one…

However, now the hard work really starts…

Now it's time to actually land the job!

The interview itself is the most difficult part of securing job. Not only do job interviews consist of many difficult questions, but you will most likely be faced with some fierce competition. Therefore, you should thoroughly prepare yourself each and every job interview.

Unfortunately, job interviews vary from one person to the other and from one industry to the next. However, all job interviews do have some similar characteristics and you can follow some basic rules that will help you face your next job interview with confidence.

Here are three things everyone interviewing for a job should do…

1. Communication ~ Whether it is verbal phone calls or written emails, poorly stated or disorganized communication shows a lack of professionalism. Also, during an interview, don't be shy or soft spoken. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and carefully listen to everything they say.

Answer the interview questions confidentially without the use of slang or street language. In fact, make sure to use the jargon of the profession.

2. Body language ~ The fact is you are being judged from the second you walk into an interview. That's right, before you even say a word the interview committee is already judging you just based upon your body language.

Do NOT underestimate how important body language is during an interview.

There is no doubt that your physical appearance plays an important role in getting you a job. If you are dress too casually you won't be taken seriously for the job. Dress in a nice suit or other formal clothes that make you look organized, sharp, and controlled. When undecided about what to wear always weigh on the side of caution and dress more formal than less.

Hand shakes also play a big part of body language. A soft handshake doesn't make an impression while a firm handshake indicates you have drive and confidence.

Also, while seated, you should always sit with your back straight, keep a smile on your face, be attentive, and maintain eye contact with all interviewers.

3. Ask Questions ~ Having sat on countless interview committees I am always shocked at how many candidates do not ask us, the interviewers, any questions. Asking questions gives the impression that not just any job will do, but that you are looking for the right job…the right fit for you. As much as possible try to make the interview seem more like a two-way conversation rather than a one-way interview.

Again, while job interviews will vary from person to person and from one industry to the next, by following these basic guidelines you will be much more confident and that will shine through during your interview.

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