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Surgeon is a doctor who is specialized in doing surgery. An invasive medical procedure involving exploration of human body or parts of body is called surgery. It involves incising of body. Surgeons are specialized in providing the treatment for diseases,Guest Posting injuries, and deformity via operations. Utilizing different sorts of instruments, and with patients under anesthesia, a surgeon can provide correction of physical deformities; he can repair the tissue after trauma, bone fracture or can perform preventive surgeries on patients suffering from debilitating diseases. Surgeons can also diagnose diseases or illnesses and can prescribe as well as administer the treatment. 

Although large number of doctors perform general surgery, many surgeons choose to become specialized in a specific field. Therefore, there are cardiovascular surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pediatric surgeons, neurological surgeons, otolaryngologic surgeons and plastic surgeons or reconstructive surgeons. Here we will learn about some of these surgeons' works and services. 

General Surgeon

A general surgeon can perform any operation of the parts of the body. He can perform appendectomy, cholecystectomy, herniotomy, amputation, laparotomy or various other procedures. They give treatment for various diseases as well. Large numbers of doctors become general surgeons and provide valuable services. 

Cardiac Surgeon

A cardiac surgeon as the name implies is the surgeon who performs surgery on heart. In various critical diseases heart surgery is required to correct the underlying cause. Cardiac surgeon should be brave and of strong will as working with heart is really a tough job. Heart is central part of circulation and an essential component for human life. Cardiac surgeon also transplants hearts. 

• Cardiovascular Surgeon: A Cardiovascular surgeon is similarly the same as cardiac but they also explore the arteries of the heart such as coronary arteries. A cardiovascular surgeon provides treatment for complicated heart diseases such as congenital heart anomalies, ischemic heart disorders, atherosclerosis, endocarditis or rheumatic heart disease affecting valves. 

Cardiac or Cardiovascular surgeon requires specialization or training for 4 to 9 years in order to become full fledged cardiac surgeon. 

Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeon is the one who deals with teeth surgery also called dentist. The oral surgeon provides services related to diseases, problems or defects within the oral cavity and the maxillofacial region. Oral surgeon provides correction and prevention of teeth diseases such as cavities, tooth decay, periodontal diseases, also filling and scaling of teeth, endodontic ( means root canal) therapy and extraction of useless teeth. He corrects deformed teeth and also provides artificial teeth implantation. He can also prescribe certain drugs such as antibiotics, analgesics, sedatives or various other related drugs to patients. 

The dentist undergoes four year of undergraduate studies and then specialized studies of four years to become oral surgeon. 

Orthopedic Surgeon

An orthopedic surgeon is the one who operates joints, muscles and bone and also treats related diseases and correct bones fractures also. Services by orthopedic surgeon is required in case of sports injuries, injuries to musculoskeletal system, degenerative disease of bones or joints, congenital diseases or cancerous conditions involving bones, muscles or joints. An orthopedic surgeon can do surgery of shoulder and elbow, surgery of hands, foot and ankle surgery, arthoplasty, or spine surgery etc. There are pediatric orthopedics as well, who deals with children bones or joints diseases. 

Pediatric Surgeon

A pediatric surgeon is the one who provides diagnosis and treatment of diseases of fetuses, neonates, children or adolescent children. There are children hospitals where pediatric surgeon works. A pediatric surgeon is needed when children is suffering from congenital malformations such as cleft palate and lip, deformities in the chest, heart or any other part of the body or when the baby is suffering from benign or malignant cancers. He also provides help in separating the conjoint twins

Plastic Surgeon

A plastic surgeon provides correction and reconstruction of damaged part of the body. Usually plastic surgeon is famous for providing cosmetic surgeries. He corrects the deformity in such a way that we cannot even recognize it. Plastic surgeons may deal with microsurgery, reconstructive surgery, surgery in case of burn body etc. 

Reconstructive Surgeon

He restores the functional deformed or damaged part of the body by performing reconstructive surgery. He reconstructs those parts of body where there is functional loss due to burns, trauma, fractures, birth or developmental defects etc. Mostly practice from reconstructive surgeon is undertaken in case of scar or laceration repair, skins repair, breast reduction and for the correction of burns injuries. 

All surgeons do examination of patients, they perform and interpret the diagnostic tests, and also counsel patients on preventive healthcare. Now they have been acquiring more invasive procedures in order to give human better treatment and improve life expectancy as well as quality.

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