Research work in higher education

Apr 8


Stephen VM

Stephen VM

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how reseach apllies into higher education. social benefits of higher education.


Have said that Research work of teachers and advanced students Useful to support a certain teaching With another promotion of the Renaissance It is therefore the job of the university to open up and support as much research as possible.

Research can be divided into theoretical research and applied research.

That theoretical research There are some people who misunderstand that it is useless (the theory is said to be impractical),Research work in higher education Articles even with ridicule that The theorist was in a tower made of ivory. Their feet do not touch the soil. I would like to correct for this type of researcher that Be a researcher with karma but doing a lot Even if it is to seal the gold back Because the theory must advance Can therefore be applied and set a solid foundation on the theory Advancement in engineering agriculture relies on theoretical scientific research as an example. The theorist is not responsible for work or administration, but cannot think, speak and write. Theorist has an important responsibility: cultivating profound intelligence. Widening the horizon of the Renaissance And most important is to maintain ethics in science Set yourself neutral, not partial Eliminate the prejudice that obstructs the subject Impair This must be considered an important responsibility. Nehru engineering college student suicide.

Applied research Most of the people and the government see value. And gained moderate popularity But I would like to present two observations here: (1) Research, especially in the applied field, should not be separated from the university. If an applied research institute will be established. Should have a close relationship with various universities because they will be able to rely on each other And promote the university to perform more fully. In addition, it is saving money, saving people and coordinating with both theory and practice and (2) applied research in universities. Should focus on studies in the areas of social sciences, humanities and science. If we do not study our own research Let others study. In addition to being ashamed Certainly believe that others will be able to study our subject as accurately as we are, otherwise it will not be possible.

Various universities In a prosperous country Often faced with one problem, namely In conflict between research and teaching duties, students often complain that good teachers are reputable. To do all research Make time for students to teach and advise. For, this problem has not happened. Because there is little research, but despite the lack of research Still do not know where the teacher usually takes time. However, this is a problem that we must consider and seek to prevent further. Jishnu pranoy suicide case

  • Social benefits

Renaissance art accumulated in higher education institutions And manpower with knowledge from professors down to advanced degree students And high-year undergraduate students Inevitably there are many When the university has developed and has grown fairly Renaissance and those manpower Should be used to benefit society Both government agencies and private jobs when needed In countries where higher education is so high, such as in the United

States - America, many presidents have repeatedly invited university professors to help with the government. When the government in the United States - 

Other kingdoms, countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. want to set up a special commission to study a particular subject. Usually a university professor has joined the commission When there is a conflict between the labor union and the employer University professors who are experts in labor economics are often invited to be arbitrators. For example, there are many. Will not be quoted. Jishnu pranoy suicide case.

In some countries, he used the university to train civil servants and staff from various agencies, such as train staff training. Statistical staff training And training courses on labor unions, etc.

A large number of university professors from various disciplines. Can benefit the company Private stores or state enterprises By being an academic advisor to the organization Those companies This would be beneficial to the various departments itself, but not only to increase the income for teachers. Nehru college suicide case closed.

In countries with universities in small cities The university is indeed the center of culture and social work of that city, dance, music, literature, lectures, festivals, sports and other hobbies. The university provides opportunities for residents to benefit, at least with the university's many knowledgeable and young students. For When the universities There are enough qualified teachers. The university would be able to serve and treat the needs of the community as in other countries.

In now When we talk about the benefits that the university will provide to the people. We tend to focus on what the university admits to many students each year, regardless of the quality of education, the number of teachers and the location, teaching tools. And regardless of the number of students entering higher education with a low literacy background. Not suitable for university study

Currently, universities are less than they should be. Especially in regions outside of But how to fix this flaw. Not the opening of a university, a subject market in Bangkok, is not a solution that will be really effective. It should be as follows: (1) Try to collect more teachers Prepared in various disciplines (2) try to improve secondary education to have a higher standard In order to have more suitable students for studying in the tertiary class (3) survey in the local provinces With a higher vocational college Like a teacher college And improve that college Become a university By spending a lot of time preparing work (In this regard, it is necessary for the Ministry of Education to take responsibility for higher education as well. To be able to achieve results easily) (4) to universities in With enough teachers Already served as a college mentor Until the colleges (5) Lay this project as a 5-7 year long-term project as needed. SC verdict on jishnu case.

Support for private colleges Which is the policy of the government Should continue By allowing the private sector to plan an event to expand the college into a university Within the framework of the control of the Ministry of Education

To support both public and private universities To be offered in any field of study Should take into account the national manpower needs Try to produce graduates in high-demand fields such as teachers, scientists, engineers, agriculturalists, nurses, etc. Try to avoid producing graduates that will cause post-unemployment problems. In particular, graduates in certain social sciences and humanities disciplines.

At the moment, I understand that universities can in some ways treat the people's higher education needs, for example, in some vocational training courses may be offered in the evenings. In order to make full use of the university's place, law, accounting, business administration, mechanics, mathematics, banking, etc. are subjects that many people are interested in studying. But in this kind of study we shouldn't deceive ourselves. Or others to understand that it is a degree system education It is a study for specific knowledge. And those who have the knowledge and can learn and then finish the exam should receive a certificate for each subject or combine several Subjects that can be examined at rhyme. It is a special diploma for banking. For political science Or for mechanical subjects, etc., it would be possible and useful

I would like to see teachers and higher students. Of universities in Another arrangement that will benefit the local population Is gathered together as a group at the end of the semester Set the course well to be classified as a moving unit in the districts To give lectures on various academic subjects that are interested in two or three cities at a time, choose a city without a university If this can be done, it will benefit society quite a bit. Nehru college suicide.

Final note

Before the end of the article, I would like to clarify that the fact that I have brought higher education matters to discuss this. It is not that higher education is the most important part of actual education development. There is a small percentage of those who are the top students in our country. Other studies There are more students with direct stakeholders. But please keep in mind that higher education is the key to the advancement of academics in our society and for the improvement of higher education. Will have an effect on other education levels Benefit from that prosperity as well Both direct and indirect.