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Anna Humphries

Anna Humphries

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Skill development is very important for students. Schools and colleges need to focus on developing the skills of their students rather than only giving them assignments to do. Unfortunately, in recent times we have seen that majority of the colleges are busy forcing students to do many assignments and due to this student start looking for assignment writing UK. These students are not able to focus on developing their skills.


Skill development is very necessary as they lead to a better career for the students. Some skills are required to be built at a younger age. In this regard,SKILLS REQUIRED FOR JOBS BY STUDENTS Articles colleges need to support the students and ensure they are gaining the necessary skills. Students who are successful in developing these skills are successful and can secure better jobs which is the main purpose of higher education.

Some of the necessary skills for the students which they built in colleges or at organizations during their internship are discussed below.

Problem-solving skills:

The is a very important skill to have while working in a professional company and a corporate level. With the help of problem-solving skills, a person is able to perform better as he is able to implement and think of strategies that would help him to face different challenges in the job which comes on an everyday day to day basis.

Critical thinking skills:

The is another important skill which is gained with the help of the training experience. Critical thinking is essential, particularly in the fast-paced jobs, which requires to strategize and think quickly in a situation. Critical thinking has been enhanced with the help of the job.  

Skills learned in the class that helps in work experience:

The classroom experiences have been a great source of learning throughout the academic career. In the course, people learn a lot of information which is not possible to be learned while working in the company. The classroom experience helps in learning and understanding the fundamental theories and concepts of business studies. It helps in forming a base and foundation of all the studies related to education which is then further enhanced with the help of the practical training experience.

Some of the most important skills learned in the classroom, which helps a lot during the work experience are listed as the following:

Theories of business:

Theories are the most important thing in the academic learning of any subject which is entirely gained in the classroom. The theories help me understand the basic concepts and management and business.

Work organization:

The is another important skill gained in the class where among all the work which is given in the class is divided into different small segments so that all the work can be completed in a precise manner. 

Skills that should be further enhanced:

Among all the skills which are gained in the classroom and during the work experience as people, there are some of the skills which still need to be enhanced in order to perform better and to gain to more understanding about the subject irrespective of the job in any of the department related to the business administration and management both.

Some of the skills which need to be enhanced over the period of time are listed as the following:

i. Multi-tasking skills:

Multi-tasking is a very important skill to have for any professional and corporate job. With the help of multi-tasking, a person is able to accomplish more than one task in a given time. People need to enhance the skill so that I can able to complete more work simultaneously.

ii. Document handling:

Document monitoring and handling are about the important skill which is very important, particularly when working in the administration department as there are a lot of documents and papers to deal with on an everyday day to day basis. 

Other things learned from work experience:

Moreover, the experience has been able to provide people with a deeper and better insight of how the things operate and functions within a company and being a student having a background and academic knowledge of business which are the most appropriate ways in which the techniques and practices of business can be implemented accurately.

The is a very important thing to learn when working in the company because professionalism defines your personality and attitude towards work. If an employee is working in a professional manner, he would be able to attract more customers while at the same time the customers would be able to trust and believe that particular employee more due to nature and attitude with which he conducts himself and works.

Some other important skills which the students need to have to survive in the workplace are discussed below.

Change management skills

It is an important saying that organizations don’t change people do. However, change management is basically a combination of both working simultaneously as a change in the people will be led to change in the organization. When organizations undertake potential projects or initiate efforts to improve employees’ performance etc. they undergo change. Changes can be of different nature like change in processes, job descriptions/designations, organizational structures etc. The term change management can be referring to a discipline that how a change leadership can prepare and support its employees working on all levels of the organization to adapt to the change in order to attain organizational success and achieve desired goals.

Leadership skills

leadership is important in a time of crisis and problems as it does not focus on improving future but emphasize on rectifying faults and mistakes of the present. This type of leadership focused on getting the work done through rewards and punishments and provide constructive feedback to its people. They increase the efficiency of the processes and procedures in ongoing organizational rules and make changes in the structure and policy of the organization. this type of leadership mainly helps in reaching maturity, set goals, increase the efficiency of operations and increase productivity in the organization