Sorensons Ranch School reunites families

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Sorenson’s Ranch School helps troubled teens struggling with oppositional defiant disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, reactive attachment disorder and many other struggles.

In today’s society families are being affected by many different things.  Children face more and more trials than ever.  Families are being torn apart by manipulation,Guest Posting lying, defiance and the lack of communication.  Many families do not know where to turn or how to get the help that they need.

When your child has defiant behaviors, beyond what you feel you can control, where do you turn?  What are the options available and how do they help?  What if your child is defiant and does not listen, but is not abusing drugs or alcohol.  Can you get the help that you need from a residential treatment center?  What behavioral issues are addressed in a therapeutic boarding school?

Sorenson’s Ranch School is based in Koosharem, UT.  Sorenson’s Ranch is a therapeutic boarding schoolthat assists troubled teens and helps boys and girls learn the tools that they need to succeed in their families and in life.  Sorenson’s Ranch is a working ranch that provides a unique opportunity.  Boarding schools and residential treatment centers can assist defiant teenagers through the recovery process.  Sorenson’s Ranch School is a highly successful treatment center for troubled teenagers. 

Sorenson’s Ranch can help with problems ranging from defiance and anger to drug and alcohol abuse.

Visit Sorenson’s Ranch on the web at , email them at or call the admissions office at 1-800-455-4590.

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