Technical Analysis – An Art of Trading

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Technical analysis is a technique to forecast the future price of the share. It help trader and investor to reduce the risk involved in trading arise due to price fluctuation. Technical analysis is done on the basis of past price of the share and volume. 

Technical analysis is techniques which used to determine the price of the share,Guest Posting it help trader to analyze the future price movement of the shares.  Past prices of share are represented by chart which is an easy practice to analyze any data and through technical analysis trader learn to read these charts.  
Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are two techniques which help to determine the price movement of a company share but the approach of technical analysis and fundamental analysis is far different. Where fundamental analysis is done by the study of company account book and economic factor, technical analysis only concern with the past prices of the share, current market price of the share, volume and other regulatory function which can affect the movement of the market. 
Technical analyses are usually practiced by those professional, who deal in share market, and it helps to abate the risk involved in trading due to price movements. Technical analysis gives an idea to the trader when to enter into the share market (Buy share) and when to exit the market (Sell share). It not only help full to the professional who deal in share market, it is also helpful to those people who invest in the market. Unsystematic sale and purchase of stock could lead to financial submerge, so better option is to learn and know how to predict the price of the share. 
Aim of this programme:
The aim of technical analysis course is to confirm that the candidate possesses the professional knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue a career in technical analysis with the investment community. In particular at the end of their training period candidates are expected to have a good understanding of the major techniques, analytical tools and indicator to enable them to select the most advantageous portfolios, trades, hedges etc for their clients, their employees or their own trading systems. This course will enable candidates to make better uniformed trading decision.
How technical analysis help you:
On completion of this programme would lead to the sound understanding of following areas:-
Comfort in usage of technical analysis software.
Price forecasting.
Good understanding of entry and exit point.
Improved decision making skills.
Master in the process of when to buy and when to sell share.
Opportunity to work as a freelancer technical analyst.
Better career opportunity in Bank, stock broker, fund houses, research houses and corporate as an equity analyst/ technical analyst. 

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