The importance of extra-curricular activities in schools

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This article stresses the importance of school-related extracurricular activities for your child’s all round development and growth. From interacting with his or her peers to instilling the spirit of teamwork, extracurricular activities in school are always essential.


Schools are not simply centers that provide knowledge and education to a child. It focuses more on his or her all-round development. Due to this,Guest Posting both studies and extra-curricular activities are often given equal importance. Both these activities are essential for your child’s all-round development.There are many franchises of schools in India such as DPS, Shemford, Euroschool, Mount Litera, Edify and much more.

Importance of extra-curricular activities

Schools are often said to be a child’s second home. It is here that he or she grows up and learns new things, all of which that will prove to be instrumental in his/her growth and nurturing. Here are some reasons as to why extracurricular activities are essential for your child –

  • Interacting with other kids beyond the classroom

From playing a game of Cricket to engaging in a battle of wits at a debate, team communication and interaction is always the key to success. A lesson that is ingrained in your child through extracurricular activity participation. When a child indulges into activities outside classroom he/she gets an opportunity to spend time with other children beyond studies, this helps in building stronger bonds strengthening overall growth and development.

  • Learning through real-life examples in various extra-curricular activities

School trips, excursions, sports, all fall under extra-curricular activities. By taking part in them your child comes across things that he or she has read in the textbooks, in real life. This will give your child a more lucid and in-depth insight into things in real life rather than just seeing them in textbooks.

  • Understanding the value of teamwork in outdoor extra-curricular sports and games

Different extracurricular activities teach your child the value of team spirit and the joy of performing together as a team. This will instill a sense of the importance of working in coordination and together as a part of the team and inculcate the virtues of responsibility. From playing as a team in a game of football to working together in a cricket match, teamwork is always something that he or she is bound to learn more through extracurricular activities.

  • Gaining knowledge and having a blast at the same time while participating in them

Extra-curricular activities allow your child to learn new and interesting things outside of his or her usual school routine while having great fun at the same time. Whether it is going on an exciting school trip, or playing a game of Cricket together with the others, extracurricular activities are an excellent way to learn and have fun simultaneously.

  • Getting to do something different from the typical school activities

Extracurricular activities breathe a breath of fresh air into your child’s mundane school life. Throughout day and night, he or she probably spends all the time in books. Through extracurricular activities, both outdoors and indoors, he is bound to learn a host of new things that cannot be taught just through notes and books.

  • Getting the best school life for your child

You ensure that your child gets admission in the right balance of studies and extracurricular activities? The CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education ensures the best is always given to all students all over India. However if you are looking for such school in nagpur, it would be a perfect option to get admission in DPS Nagpur as this school focus on sports as well as curriculam enhancement.


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