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If your child has a fear-hate relationship with mathematics,Guest Posting fret not. You’re not alone. In fact, many children require some amount of handholding before they begin to understand and appreciate the wondrous world of Mathematics.

Skewed perceptions, inefficient teaching and insufficient coaching make students enter a cloud of ambiguity and doubt the moment they approach Math. That is why many parents hire Math tutors for their children. However, unless the parent takes some time to understand their child’s needs and assess the Math tutor, the new tutor could not only be a bad investment, but could even prove detrimental to the student. So, how can you find the right Math tutor for your child?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Often, the child falls behind in class due to insufficient engagement on the teacher’s part. So, if the Math tutor also falls in this category, you cannot reap any benefits. Before hiring the math tutor, understand what techniques the teacher will be using in order to teach the child. Many children have problems with basic concepts and theorems, while others simply find it difficult to grasp abstract questions and still others fear numbers. The teacher should be equipped to deal with the problems of the child and coach the child according to their unique needs.
  2. A good Math tutor should have all the necessary credentials to teach your child. In this regard, it is important to remember that Math – whether of the 5th grade, 7th grade or above – continues to be as complex as it was more than 50 years ago. But teachers these days do not need to depend on old school Math training alone. Fortunately, several teaching tools are available in the form of visual presentations, multimedia and so on. These tools can make the study of Math exciting and fun. Does the Math tutor you’re hiring make use of any of these tools?
  3. An efficient Math tutor would have developed a method of tutoring the child. Make enquiries about this method before hiring the Math tutor. The teacher should also have the ability to come up with abundant resources for the child in the form of examples, explanations and extra questions.
  4. Timely assessment and evaluation is an important aspect of tutoring. Detailed updates and progress reports are integral as is accurate feedback about the child’s ability and progress. The Math tutor must also have the ability to adapt to the child’s style of learning so that the child can get maximum benefits from classes.
  5. Finally, a good Math tutor will encourage the child to develop independent learning skills by encouraging free thinking and other skills required. For this, the tutor should have a deep understanding of the child’s learning difficulties and must work towards overcoming these difficulties.

Once a child begins to perform well in class tests and exams, they will soon begin to love the subject, regardless of whether it is Math, science or English. All that the child needs is a small helping hand. A good Math tutor knows this and works towards being that helping hand. In most cases, the help is needed only for a while but its effects are significant and long lasting.

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