Understanding the Role of Parents in Children's Development using Different Parenting Styles

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Children are a gift from God. While they bring the joy of being a parent for us, this happiness is also followed by big responsibilities. From early childhood care to stability in career plans, the role of a parent in a child’s life remains important at any stage of life. Hence, we must understand the parenting styles that we as parents use to achieve their holistic development.

Your parenting skills are quite important in the initial stages of your child’s development.

By fulfilling their physical,Guest Posting emotional, and social needs, parents contribute greatly to a child’s holistic development. Later, in the school-going age, they choose a physical or online schooling platform to start with the formal education for them.

Additionally, even the selection of the formal educational institution has a lasting impact on them.

Once the child joins a school, the formal process for the development of the relevant domains starts.

Through the right parenting and good schooling, a child starts to develop and blossoms to the best of his abilities. By giving emotional support and the right handholding, parents can contribute towards cognitive development at the early stages.

Cognitive development is essential for a child to understand the things around him.

One of the most important aspects is cognitive development. The best online schools focus on this aspect of a child’s development to ensure holistic development.

Studies have shown that even the regular everyday tasks are opportunities for parents to contribute towards their children’s holistic development. As a parent, you need to ensure that you give enough positive experiences in the childhood years of your loved one and play your part well. Remember, your selection of words, and gestures can also make a lasting impact on it. That’s because of this reason that the top online education platforms train their teachers in their use of reinforcement techniques and use of words while interacting with the students. Additionally, your parenting style also matters a lot and that is where the true role of parents lies in the children’s development.

More about parenting styles

Broadly, these styles include the practices and handling of children from the parent’s/guardian’s end.
These styles are generally categorized as:

  • Permissive approach
  • Authoritative approach
  • Authoritarian approach

As the name suggests, these styles are different from each other and are based on the level of involvement a parent has in a child’s upbringing.


Permissive parent
A permissive parent does not exercise much control over children. These parents generally allow the children to act as per their wishes and do not intervene much all the time. They are also found indifferent and negligent at times. As a result, they often tend to develop as irresponsible and immature individuals.

Authoritative parent
On the other hand, the authoritative parenting style is often considered the best one, as children often tend to become responsible and well-balanced individuals because of the balanced approach of the parents in raising them. Just like the practices of the best platforms of traditional or online education, these parents practice a blend of freedom and positive control over them. They develop as happy and well-adjusted individuals who are aware of the possible consequences of their actions. Because expectation setting is the best practice in this parenting style.

Authoritarian parent
Lastly, let us discuss the authoritarian parenting style. These parents are stricter and stick to their rules firmly. Unlike the other two styles mentioned above, this one is more about exercising control over the child. At times, these parents can go up to the limit of punishing them to get the desired change in behavior/action.

Presently, student-centric virtual schooling or any traditional institution does not support this approach. Because such students develop as aggressive and intolerant individuals most of the time.


Parenting leaves a lasting impact on the child’s mind and soul. Hence, it is important to realize its importance and ensure the best environment in the most important stages for their development. Apart from understanding the role of parents in children’s development, it is also important to analyze the parenting approach best suited to them.

This perfect mix of the best parenting and schooling will help your child to develop as a well-rounded and happy individual, ‘FULLY READY TO MEET THE CHALLENGES OF LIFE AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE SOCIETY IN EVERY POSSIBLE MANNER!’

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