UPSC Exam: Practice & Self-Study is Key To Success

Apr 7


Legacy IAS

Legacy IAS

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This article will help you to understand what is important for self study:-


UPSC exam is considered as the most popular exam in India. Every year a lot of students appear in the UPSC exam. The UPSC exam needs hard work and dedication in preparation. Practice and self-study is always a key to success. Without practicing one can not achieve his aim. There are many myths about the UPSC exam,UPSC Exam: Practice & Self-Study is Key To Success Articles like an aspirant gets success just after joining coaching classes. It’s not fully correct because self study is equally important for the UPSC exam. Many candidates cleared the UPSC exam without any coaching. The exam needs dedication and a focused atmosphere. So, have faith in your preparation and gather all the positivity, it will help you to clear the UPSC exam.


 #1. Believe in yourself

 It's very important to have faith in yourself. UPSC preparation is not a one day task. You don't know how much time it will take to clear the exam. If you are preparing by self study you can be hopeless sometimes because you have to live in the same atmosphere. You will find many people who will criticise you but you have to ignore such people. All you have to do is just prepare to be better and  believe in yourself.


 #2. Follow the UPSC syllabus

As we all know, the exam is divided into three stages- Preliminary, Mains and interview. The syllabus for Preliminary and Mains is different. So, you have to be prepared for it. The most important part of the UPSC exam is its syllabus. Every student needs to follow the UPSC Syllabus carefully and after that make a proper strategy to study according to the syllabus. If you are preparing by self-study you have to be attentive because there is no one to guide you. You have to be alert always.

#3. Start reading newspaper for current affairs

Current affairs is an important part of the UPSC exam. Make a habit to read the newspaper regularly for current affairs. Newspapers help a lot when you are preparing by yourself. Always read exam relevant articles and editorial columns. Make notes of important topics after reading the newspaper. National and International news, economy, business, environment and there are many other important topics in which you should focus. You can cover important topics for the UPSC exam. There is no need for any coaching if you make notes of current affairs through newspaper. 


#4. Prepare proper updated notes

When you are aware of the syllabus of the UPSC exam, it's time to make proper notes. It's important to make updated notes because updating yourself is very necessary. If you prepare notes without knowing their current situation, it makes no sense. You must prepare relevant and updated notes for the UPSC exam.  Most important thing, always make short notes. Lengthy notes can be confused sometimes. One can not clear the UPSC exam without making proper notes.


#5. Refer online resources

If you are preparing for the UPSC exam by self study, you can use online resources for better preparation. There are many coachings where free online study material is available. Legacy IAS Bangalore is one of the best IAS coaching which provides all the necessary study material online.


 #6. Don't study for so long

UPSC Preparation is a never ending process. It needs dedication in study. Students study for 8 to 10 hours. After studying for so long, it's important to take a break for some time. Always give rest to your body and mind. In your free time you can do your favourite work like listening to music, gardening and whatever work which gives you pleasure. Relaxing is equally important. Free mind gives positivity and good vibes.


#7. Avoid negative people

When you start preparing for the UPSC exam, you will find many negative people who will always criticise. All you need to do is to avoid such people and focus on your preparation. Sometimes you don't need to reply to people but you have to show them success which you will obtain by your hard work.

#8. Revise your  preparation regularly

Always make sure to revise regularly what you have learnt. Without revising you will forget your daily learning. Prepare a schedule which includes revision. Prepare for a specific syllabus and keep some time for revising it. It is very important to revise whatever you prepare. 


 #9. Self evaluation

Self evaluation is very important. This process reflects where you are standing now. What is the status of your preparation and what else you need to prepare. 

Self evaluation intimates about preparation status, no matter how you are preparing, a coaching institute or self study self evaluation is always helpful for aspirants. 


#10. Choose good study material  

IAS Study material is the most important factor in UPSC exam preparation. Without a quality study material preparation is incomplete. You can refer to any source to get quality study material. While self preparation you can collect study material from various sources and you can find all from a single source if you join a coaching institute for preparation. News papers, journals, official government websites like PIB are best sources of GK whereas NCERT books and standard reference books by various writers are helpful to collect relevant study material. 


UPSC exam needs a dedicated and continuous practice to crack it. It doesn't matter that you are engaging in a coaching institute for preparation, the main thing is self study of whatever you are learning in coaching.