Use Social Media And Online Tutoring To Score Better In Exams

Oct 13


Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall

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Technology plays a major role in every field and the education sector is no exception. Students today can use social media sites to learn in a fun filled way and even engage the services of an online tutor to learn better. Technology is turning out to be the best resort for education in recent times.



It is always better to learn in a fun filled manner and what better way to learn today than with technology? With the penetration of social media into every sphere of life,Use Social Media And Online Tutoring To Score Better In Exams Articles students are beginning to employ social media and the online platform for learning and connecting across the globe. With an online tutor, a student gets a lot of advantages as compared to the typical classroom and they are:

  • One on One interactions
  • Round the clock learning
  • Learning from anywhere and at anytime
  • Freedom to voice doubts and do away with shyness
  • Learning at their own pace and without fear of ridicule
  • Personalised classes that cater to the learning requirements of the students
  • Technological aids that help them learn better and so on.

Thus, with such a medium offering a global platform, more and more students are turning towards the online platform for education. Similarly, social media is another area that is becoming extremely useful to teachers and students alike as it has opened up many opportunities for fun filled learning.

Why is learning on social media easy?

Everyone is active on all of the social media sites today (and not even has more than one account!). Any story that is shared on social media has a wider reach and students connect with it better. Thus, teachers today employ SM networks to come with quizzes, interesting posts that impart knowledge and help students think and devise games and other such activities to promote learning. Once a student is hooked to learning this way, he/she would recommend it to their friends as well and thus this medium has garnered a lot of popularity and attention. Online tutors only have to add an interesting post to get a lot of following and students would automatically tag their friends in posts they like and thus help them learn as well in the process. Here is why more and more online tutoring services are employing this medium to draw the attention of students.

  • SM Posts that are engaging get a lot of following and attention.
  • Parents too are active on SM networks and they use to learn info about teaching and helping their kids with homework.
  • Students can find excellent venues for professional growth on these networks and their tutors can guide them effectively to use this channel well.
  • SM networks have a large audience across the growth and are perhaps the easiest means to reach out to students looking for online help.

Another idea that is slowly becoming popular is online assignment help and homework help. Some students may not require full-fledged tutoring but may struggle with a few areas and may require help with their assignments and homework in those topics alone. These days, online tutors are offering specialised help to cater to such needs as well and all a student needs to do is to upload his problems and he will get detailed solutions broken down step by step. Students can even contact the tutors and get their doubts clarified as well!

Thus, the online platform and social media for education is here to stay owing to the numerous benefits they offer students.

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