Using Academic References in Writing Your Personal Statement

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You can improve your personal statement by using academic references. 

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Academic references are either (1) persons who can confirm or validate one or more points you mention in your personal statement or (2) the material sources from which you derive help on how to write a personal statement and help in the actual writing.

  • Persons Who Can Confirm or Validate Personal Statement Points – Your concern is how to write a personal statement that will help you get that admission to the course you are applying in. Your personal statement should comprise points that demonstrate to the admission committee that you are a qualified course applicant who can stand out and be one of those who will be awarded admission. One very good way to improve your personal statement and excel among the others is by supporting your personal statement points with academic references. These academic references are the persons who can confirm or validate the achievements,Guest Posting qualities and other points you include in your personal statement.

  • Material Sources from Which You Get Help in Personal Statement Writing – There are different ways of how to write a personal statement using academic reference materials. Two of the best ways are (1) using personal statement examples, samples or models as guides and (2) using personal statement tips, advice, guides and how-to's. You can refer to academic references like personal statement writing handbooks, guidebooks, journals, education or academic blogs, university or school websites and the government's education agency websites.

  • Using Academic References to Support Your Personal Statement Points – You can use academic reference persons in writing an outstanding personal statement. Use these persons as support to the points you mention in your personal statement. Mention them in a way that they it fits naturally to the flow and tone of your personal statement writing. For example you can mention how a church minister helped you in writing theology essays.

  • Using Personal Statement Samples, Examples and Models as Guide – In writing your personal statement, you can use other personal statements as samples, examples and models as guide. There are sample and model personal statements which are really written to be used as such and there are also authentic personal statements which are used as samples, examples or models. You should use them only as guide in writing your own and should never submit them as your own. Simply altering a personal statement you have chosen and submitting it does not do the job; it is still copying and plagiarism.

  • Using Personal Statement Tips, Advice, Guides and How-To's – Academic references can also come as personal statement tips, advice, guides and how-to's. They can be found in books, journals, blogs, school websites and government agency websites. When you use them, you may also need to use examples, samples and models.

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