What is the fee structure of top schools in Abu Dhabi?

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Selecting a school is one of the major responsibilities of a parent. Every year during admission,Guest Posting parents look around and seek advice from their relatives and friends to select the best school in their vicinity. While being a parent, you will always have the option to change your child's school; remember, this can affect their academics if you do it frequently. Thus, it would be best to select the best school for your child in one go. It is equally essential for you to make good decisions within a limited amount of time. Among all the factors that you might consider while selecting a school for your child, the fee structure of a school is a major determining factor. Can you afford the school you wish to send your child to?


Remember, there might be hidden costs, and the amount you spend on your child's education would be more than the school fees. Thus, it is crucial to account for all the expenses to ensure you make the right decision. 

Read on to know about the fee structure of the top schools in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi

Global Indian international school is one of the top schools in Abu Dhabi. The school is committed to providing children with quality education by incorporating best practices from all around the globe. The school incorporates the 9GEMS holistic learning framework to facilitate the child's overall development. The school offers a simple fee structure that sums up to be around AED 10,600. From grade 1 to grade 12, the Abu Dhabi school fees from AED 10,000 to AED 12,000. Their fee structure is divided into three terms and also includes book fees.

  1. American International School, Abu Dhabi

American international school is another private international school that offers an American curriculum for its students. The school's elementary classes have a gender-segregated section for their secondary levels. Apart from providing quality education, the school also believes in providing recreational facilities to the students to ensure overall development. The school has differentiated three different levels to divide their fee structure. From grade 1 to 4, the annual fee is $11,500; from grade 5 to 8, the yearly tuition fee is $12,500; and from grade 9 to 12, the yearly tuition fee is $15,500.

  1. Repton School, Abu Dhabi

Repton School has separate campuses for its students. The Repton Foundation School is dedicated to our children from the foundational stage up to year one. Direct entry campus is dedicated to children aged between six and 18. The junior school caters to children aged between 2 to 6, while the senior school caters to children aged between seven and 13. From DS1 to year 8, the current fee is around AED 61,000; for years 9 to 11, it is AED 70,040, and between years 12 and 13, the fee is around AED 74,000.

  1. Amity International School, Abu Dhabi

The Amity international school follows a British curriculum to provide a balanced education. The school mainly focuses on providing an engaging in a challenging environment that would encourage them to excel academically, intellectually, and socially. Their annual tuition fee is divided into three different terms, and it ranges from AED 43,000 to AED 61,000 from nursery to year 13.


Choosing an ideal school in Abu Dhabi for your child is critical. The fee structure is one of the main determining factors while choosing the right school for your kid. Choose a school that fits your budget while providing the quality education that your child deserves. 


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