Who Said Learning Could Not Be Fun?

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Sergiy Klymchuk has created a context for teenagers and adults to enjoy training in personal and professional financial literacy. Just the thought of training in this field sounds bland and boring, but his book "Money Puzzles: On Critical Thinking and Financial Literacy" has developed a different perspective toward financial literacy.

Through a collection of tricky practical puzzles dealing with money,Guest Posting Klymchuk has put together a book that everyone can enjoy while learning context that is based on real-life experiences. While the main intention is to educate, this book goes above and beyond in the entertaining facet.

When it comes to financial literacy, far too many books use complicated terms and figures that only confuse the reader. While the author may sound intelligent, all the author is truly doing is turning off the reader. "Money Puzzles" uses easy calculation in the book providing easy text to understand and follow along with.

While it is important to have some basis of mathematics to follow along with financial literacy, "Money Puzzles" tries to keep it as simple as possible. Readers only need to know the four basic arithmetic operations to follow along. This allows the reader to smoothly read through the book without having to go back and reread every page.

Aside from the entertainment from puzzles, readers get much more than just numbers and calculations in this book. The book offers enticing information that relates to everyone. The ultimate goal is not solely to become better acquainted with finances. It also helps people think more effectively in all areas of life. 

The emphasis in the book is on different ways of thinking such as entrepreneurial, commercial, lateral thinking, strategic thinking and many other forms.

The great thing about "Money Puzzles" is that it is not aimed at solely the adult audience. The book can highly motivate teenagers as well to get interested in finance and begin to look at mathematics from another angle. As mentioned, finance literacy is far from the most enjoyable topic. But this book is written well enough to keep a teenagers attention on finance. 

Finances and money are something that everyone needs to become acquainted with. It is something that everyone deals with on a daily basis and the more knowledgeable you are on the topic, the better chance you have of living a financially stable life. Through word problems and unique puzzles, "Money Puzzles" has provided a new way to present the same information that has most people bored out of their minds. But you are sure to leave the book entertained and far more educated.


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