How to Unlock Yahoo Mail Account Password Without Security Question?

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If your Yahoo account is blocked by any means and yo don't know the process to unlock Yahoo mail, then do not panic as this guide will you the exact fixes.

You may find yourself locked from your Yahoo mail account,Guest Posting and there may be a number of reasons. The app has its own rules and regulations, and if it detects any suspicious activity, your account may be blocked by them.

Reasons for Locked Yahoo Mail Account

It can be very annoying to find that your Yahoo account is blocked. Let’s see some of the common reasons and solutions to unlock Yahoo mail

  • One reason may be to use a third-party application for and while using Yahoo mail. A third party application is not authorized by the application used. Yahoo mail authorizes some third-party applications, but other apps do not have permission, and if Yahoo suspects the intrusion of these unauthorized applications, it blocks a specific account. Third-party applications are risky and infect user information as well as their contact information.
  • If your Yahoo mail account has been blocked due to a third-party program, you can uninstall the application and wait twenty-four hours until you log in again.
Ways to unlock Yahoo Mail Account without a password
  1. To open your phone without a password, you can use the Lock Wiper tool to unlock your account. Download the app to your device and tap the password on the unlock screen, then select unlock Yahoo mail. Then connect your phone to your computer and follow other instructions on the Internet.
  2. You can also use Siri to unlock Yahoo mail. All you need to do is go to the control center and select the clock option. Now add one city and add it. Now go to the messages section and in the "to" section create a new account and add a profile picture to it. So you just got access to your phone without a password.
  3. You can also restore your phone. To access your mail account, turn off your device, and connect your phone to a computer. Your device will now go into recovery mode, and from there you can restore and update your device.
  4. Go to the Yahoo account recovery page on any computer and log in to your account. Now click the find devices link and select your phone. Finally, following all the online instructions, delete the data from your phone, which means that everything is clear on your device.

And you did! With other alternatives, you can easily learn how to unlock a locked Yahoo mail account without security questions. If in doubt, contact the well-qualified team.

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