9 Movies About Strip Clubs

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Strip clubs are so popular that multiple movies have been made about them. Here are 9 films featuring strippers. Please read on to learn about these movies.

Strip clubs are a hit in the flesh as well as on film. Lots of people like to go to the actual nightclubs in Las Vegas or in their own hometowns to view dancing nudes while others prefer to watch from the privacy of their own DVD players or a dark theater. Who could forget some of these stripping men and women in these memorable films? Here are 9 movies to check out:

1) "The Full Monty": "The Full Monty" came out back in 1997 and was an instant box office hit. The story is about a group of unemployed steel workers in England who are down on their luck and need to bring in some money to keep the wolf away from their door. They get a bright idea to have an all male revue and to strip to earn cash. Some women egg them on to take it all off which is also known as flashing the full monty.

2) "Closer": "Closer" is a 2004 movie starring Jane Portman. It is about four individuals who are searching for their identify. One of them is Jane P. and she appears for a chunk of the drama clad in a hot pink wig and a g-string. It got rave reviews on various levels,Guest Posting especially from fans of strip clubs.

3) "Till Dusk Till Dawn": This is a vampire movie made in 1996 starring Salma Hayek. Salma portrays a stripping vampire who wears little accept for a snake for a costume. The strip club where the events take place is called The Titty Twister. Catchy name.

4) "The Wrestler": This movie stars Marisa Tomei who plays an aging stripper who befriends an aging wrestler. While many may think movies about nude dancing might be of B grade quality, this one got Ms. Tomei an Oscar nomination.

5) "Striptease": Demi Moore starred in "Striptease" in the mid 1990's and although the movie was a box office failure, many appreciated the star's dancing abilities and more.

6) "I Know Who Killed Me": Lindsay Lohan stars in this horror film which is reportedly gross as well as scary. There are lots of naked strippers in this movie but Lindsay Lohan remains clothed.

7) "Powder Blue": This movie stars Jessica Biel and hit the big screen in 2009. It's a heart wrenching drama with many upsetting scenes. The pole dancing scene reportedly makes up for it.

8) "Zombie Strippers": The plot unfolds to reveal that a virus has spread throughout the land and turned pole dancers into zombies. Instead of being seen as a bad thing, the zombie show becomes popular with crowds.

9) "Sin City": Set in none-other-than Las Vegas, "Sin City" stars a dancing cowgirl. This film was derived from a novel.

When viewers are in the mood for a good striptease but there aren't any strip clubs in their town or it's only 9:00 AM, they can pop a DVD into their machine, relax and enjoy the show. There are more films out there that revolve around pole dancing if people find themselves fans of this genre.

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