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This article shares a story of a boy about how he unintentionally learned from an app in recent lockdown period.

Hello kids!! It’s time to listen to a story of a game that helped the majority of you to spend time effectively in this last 1 year of lockdown and the game itself has a stroke of luck that it got created and reached to all of you at the very perfect time,Guest Posting The lockdown period when the whole world was triggered by the pandemic situation with stress, tension, and health issues. But all this was for the adults who have the risk of their lives not for children.

Kids were all enjoying the vacation as a festive season without knowing the seriousness of crises. It was COVID vacation for them. No school, no studies, no early morning wake-ups, no schedule to follow, etc were the good part as per them but looking from a parents perspective, it was all waste of time and being back in studies. But hey hey hey let me tell you the story of a 6 years old child and how he made golden use of this golden pandemic vacation which made his parents believe that self-learning is the best learning with proper use of time and gadgets.

Once upon a time, when all the kids were busy enjoying the longest vacation of their life, there was this naughty boy who also decided to enjoy his vacation to the fullest and he started doing it in all aspects from playing with family to playing with electronic gadgets. As his parents didn’t have any other option rather than allowing him to use the mobile phone so that at least for an hour he sits at one place with peace. 

His parents have installed all the games of his interests on that phone and for days he continued to play those unhealthy games. After some days, his parents realized that he has gotten attached to the mobile and was also not ready to be without it. His mind got stuck into those games which made him get irritated with small things, he developed all the negative behaviors in him as his brain didn’t get anything that educate him.

This continues to happen for days and finally, after a certain point his parents decided not to allow him to use mobile at any cost but KIDS ARE KIDS, instead of enjoying the vacation to the fullest he troubled his parents to the fullest.

After noticing his behavior his parents decided to again allow him to use mobile but with a little change in strategy, his father came to know about a game named Kids piano: animal sound while scrolling certain pages on the internet, he used that game and got surprised and thought how a game can be so interesting and educative at the same time. Then he decided to lock all other apps except this game app and allowed his boy to use the mobile. As the little naughty boy is a kid by the way, for some more days he used to take the world up the head but had no other option than to play this one game. 

He start playing this game every day and begins to get interested in it.

As the game educated him with various :

  • Animal sounds, birds sound, vehicle sound, Sea animal sound
  • alphabets(A-Z), numbers, colors names, shapes names, Nation flags and country names, facial expressions with the help of respective pictures and sounds.

He enjoyed playing musical instruments such as :

  • Piano, Xylophone, Drum kit, Flute, Harp, Guitar, Saxophone, panpipe.

He became joyful after knowing about the game section in these games such as :

  • Magic Touch Fireworks game
  • Free Drawing Boardgame
  • Size identifier & arranger game
  • Color Identifying Game
  • Similar Things Identifying game

As more and more he got involved in the learnings his behavior started to change because a single platform fulfilled his choices to play games and the visuals and animations made him use the app again and again. His parents came to know that he has developed certain skills such as brainpower, memory power, concentration, confidence, creativity, patience, discipline, speech, and pronunciation.

His parents started referring this app to others for their kids as they also noticed that their child narrates all the learnings while roaming in the house and playing with his toys.

As the app continues to update itself with more exciting sections, this child continued to learn and enjoy in this lockdown time, when schools got started this child was way better than other kids in academics as he unintentionally started learning but gave his childhood a jump to be in the row of unique ones.

In conclusion, this kids piano: animal sound app can also help your children to grow, so please stop believing that mobile phones are a wastage for your child, with good understanding and right usage of phones in you can make your child be the way better than others.


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