All about Cheap Hearing Aid Styles

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Hearing aids control the way sound transfers from the environment you are in to your inner ear. This should adjustment should be to a degree that allows the person to hear efficiently the sounds around him or her. A cheap hearing aid does this for you and is widely available.

Analog hearing aids are slowly being phased out by digital ones. The digital ones perform more fine-tuned conversion of sound around the wearer.

Both digital and analog hearing aids come in various shapes and sizes. These are determined by how you place them in your ear. Some are fully fitting and some partial,Guest Posting because of preference. The general rule of thumb is that for a cheap hearing aid, a small one will use less battery and cost more. Some are so small they fit inside the ear canal. Here are the common hearing aid styles:

Fully in the canal

This cheap hearing aid is molded in a way that it can fit inside the ear canal. They improve mild hearing loss. Such an aid is unnoticeable and can be used with the telephone with relative ease. By virtue that it is protected by the ear, it does not pick as much wind noise. As said, this cheap hearing aid uses small batteries which do not last long. Finally, it has no features such as volume control because of its makeup.

In the canal

Used to enhance mild to moderate hearing, this cheap hearing aid fits partly in the ear canal and is custom-molded. It is also easy to use with phones and have adjustment features even though small-sized.


The half-shell is also custom-molded. It fills the ear lobe and serves those with moderately severe loss of hearing. It is bigger than the in-the-canal aid. It is a cheap hearing aid that is easier to handle and fits an average adult ear.


Also known as the in-the-ear hearing aid, this style is for those with hearing loss ranging from mild to severe. It may pick wind noise and is more visible compared to the others. Inserting it in the ear is easy too. The adjustment features in this cheap hearing aid can be used at least. Because of its bulk, it uses longer-lasting batteries.

Behind the ear

Ever seen someone with an ear-phone looking gadget hooked over the top of their ear? The bigger part of this cheap hearing aid is usually behind the ear. It is appropriate for people of all ages, unlike the four that are limited to adults. It can be used for all types of hearing loss problems. It picks up sound, and then amplifies, carrying it to an ear mold made to fit inside the wearer's ear canal. This cheap hearing aid is able to amplify more than all other hearing aids.

Open fit

These are behind-the-ear style hearing aids that plug in to a speaker which is in the ear canal. They leave the ear canal open and are appropriate for moderate high-frequency hearing loss. This cheap hearing aid is less visible and has no manual adjustments.

Clinical evidence shows that failing to fit two hearing aids to patients who have binaural hearing loss can worsen their situation. Now, depending on your problem and preference you can pick a cheap hearing aid for yourself. For a cheap hearing aid, just check on stores around the globe.

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