Best Websites to Save Money on Video Games

May 17


Baris Sen

Baris Sen

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Looking to save money on video games? This comprehensive guide highlights the best and most reliable sources for purchasing digital PC games, ensuring you get the best deals without compromising on security. From official stores to authorized resellers, we've got you covered.


Why You Should Use Reliable Sources When Buying Video Games

In the vast world of digital PC games,Best Websites to Save Money on Video Games Articles it's easy to get lost among the myriad of sources available. Unfortunately, many gamers unknowingly turn to unreliable platforms, leading to wasted money on incorrect or non-existent game keys. To avoid such pitfalls, it's crucial to use official stores and authorized resellers for a secure shopping experience.

Even some popular digital game stores can be risky. This article aims to raise awareness about these issues and guide you towards safer options.

Official Stores and Authorized Resellers

Understanding the difference between official stores and authorized resellers is key:

  • Official Stores (Platforms): Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Origin, Ubisoft Store, etc.
  • Authorized Resellers: Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, AllYouPlay, and more. is a price-comparison platform for PC games. It allows you to browse thousands of deals and check recent historical lows. The platform only displays prices from official stores like Steam, Epic Games, GOG, and authorized resellers such as Fanatical and Green Man Gaming.

Key Features

  • Price Comparison: Easily compare prices across multiple platforms.
  • Historical Lows: Check the lowest prices games have been sold for.
  • Safe Browsing: Only lists official and authorized sources. is another excellent resource for PC gamers. It compares prices from over 15 official stores and authorized resellers. You can create price alerts to get notified when your desired game goes on sale.

Additional Features

  • Game Reviews and Stories: Written content to help you decide on your next purchase.
  • Twitch Streams: Watch gameplay videos to get a feel for the game.
  • Discord Bot: Add the bot to your server to look up game deals without opening a new browser tab.


GG.Deals is a popular price comparison website for digital PC games. However, it includes both official stores and "gray markets" or keyshops. While keyshops often offer cheaper prices, their sources are unknown, making them risky. It's advisable to disable keyshops via the filter for safer options.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Comprehensive price comparison, includes both official and gray market sources.
  • Cons: Risky keyshops, better to disable them for secure shopping.


Fanatical is a trusted authorized reseller offering officially licensed games at competitive prices. It's particularly known for its bundles, which provide excellent value.

Why Choose Fanatical?

  • Bundles: Get multiple games for incredibly low prices.
  • Categories: Bundles are available in various categories like action or strategy games.
  • Value: Sometimes, you can get 3 to 5 games for as low as $1.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is another popular official retailer. It competes closely with Fanatical to offer the best prices. Both platforms frequently have exclusive publisher or studio bundles.

Key Points

  • Competitive Pricing: Often has exclusive deals and bundles.
  • Exclusive Bundles: Keep an eye on their website for short-term deals.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a unique platform that sells games, ebooks, software, and other digital content while supporting charity.

Mission Statement

"Humble Bundle sells games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Our mission is to support charity while providing awesome content to customers at great prices."

Why Humble Bundle?

  • Charity: A portion of your purchase goes to charity.
  • Variety: Offers bundles for games, software, and books.
  • Reliability: Works directly with official publishers and distributors.


These platforms are my go-to sources for purchasing games or bundles. They offer a seamless user experience and secure shopping options. Even during major sales on platforms like Steam or Epic Games Store, you can often find better deals on authorized resellers. Always check all your options to ensure you're getting the best price.

Interesting Stats

  • Global Gaming Market: The global gaming market is expected to reach $256.97 billion by 2025 (Source: Statista).
  • PC Gaming Revenue: PC gaming generated $37 billion in revenue in 2020 (Source: Newzoo).
  • Digital Game Sales: Digital game sales accounted for 91% of the global market in 2020 (Source: SuperData).

By using these reliable sources, you can save money and ensure a secure shopping experience. Happy gaming!