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When you are PC gamer, you may get lost within the abundance of sources to buy games. To help you out a little, I have listed all the reliable sources for you to track all the ongoing deals and save money while purchasing video games.

Why you should use reliable sources when buying video games

There are so many people misinformed about the reliable sources of digital PC games. Thus,Guest Posting they unknowingly choose unreliable sources to buy games unfortunately. At the end, they either get no key for the game, or get a key for the incorrect game and the money is wasted on something you do not want. Nobody would want that to happen.

Even some of the very popular digital game stores are not safe to use at all. I am writing this article in order for people to be concious of these problems and use official stores along with authorized resellers to have a more secure shopping experience.

So let's start with giving examples of official stores & authorized resellers / retailers to see the distinction between them better.

  • Some of the official stores (usually platforms): Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Origin, Ubisoft Store etc.
  • Some of the authorized resellers: Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, Allyouplay and so on.

Isthereanydeal, is a price-comparison platform for PC games. You can easily browse thousands of deals and look up the recent historical lows. Another great thing about isthereanydeal is that it only displays official stores such as Steam, Epic Games, GOG and authorized resellers like Fanatical, Green Man Gaming and so on.

You can safely browse the prices of the game you want and buy through these stores safe & secure. is another great resource for PC gamers. It is a price comparison platform just like isthereanydeal. It compares prices from more than 15 official stores and authorized resellers.

You can also create price alerts and get notified when there is a sale on the game you want. There is also some written content you can consume like game reviews, stories, list-type game collections etc. And they have Twitch streams for every game. So you can have a look at some of them to get a grasp of the gameplay for the game you are interested in.

Bestgameprice also has a Discord bot that does the same exact thing. You can add it to your Discord server and look up game deals without having to opening up a new browser tab.


GG.Deals is really popular among gamers as well. Essentially it is a price comparison website for digital PC games. The only downside is it includes both official stores and those what we call as "gray markets" or keyshops. But when you are trying to compare prices of a game you'd like to buy, you can enable/disable those keyshops for safer options. Keyshops are usually cheaper than official stores since their source of key is unknown. But I would not advise you to buy games from these shops. It's much better if you disable them via the filter on the top right corner. Otherwise, it's really a hit or miss.


Fanatical is a great authorized reseller, selling officially licensed games at very cheap prices.

But people prefer Fanatical for their bundles especially rather than buying single items. They have excellent bundles for incredibly low prices.

These bundles happens to be in multiple categories like action or strategy games. And you could get 3 to 5 games for a price tag of $1 sometimes. Incredibly valuable source if you regularly buy games.

Green Man Gaming

One of the most popular websites to buy games. Green Man Gaming is an official retailer just like Fanatical.

They are literally racing head to head to offer the cheapest price. Both have great deals and you need to keep an eye on them. A better option would be using a price comparison tool actually. From time to time, there are some exclusive publisher bundles or studio bundles on these platforms. You'd better catch them on their own websites as they tend to be really short-time deals and they might not take place in price comparison websites.

Humble Bundle

In their own words:

"Humble Bundle sells games, ebooks, software, and other digital content. Our mission is to support charity while providing awesome content to customers at great prices."

It's a nice platform endeavouring for a good cause. They have awesome bundles for video games, softwares and even for books. Humble Bundle is completely safe and reliable as it is an official store - working directly with official publishers and distributors.


These are my go-to platforms when I want to buy some games or bundles for myself. All of the above provide a seamless user experience and secure shopping options.

Even during a huge sale on Steam or Epic Games Store, it is quite easy to find much better deals for the same game on authorized resellers. So I would prefer to check all my options.

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