Brazilian Brunettes Ranking - Part II

May 15


Andre Skowronski

Andre Skowronski

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Brazil's beauty is a direct result of its "melting pot" factor, where diverse genetic backgrounds blend harmoniously. This article aims to describe the visual identity of an authentic Brazilian brunette and the essence of the "Brazilian look." We will also rank the current most dazzling Brazilian brunettes, focusing on their unique attributes and contributions to the arts and entertainment industry.


The Essence of the Brazilian Brunette

Defining the "Brazilian Look"

The "Brazilian look" typically includes dark hair,Brazilian Brunettes Ranking - Part II Articles brown eyes, and sun-tanned skin. This look is a product of Brazil's diverse genetic pool, which includes influences from Indigenous, African, European, and Asian ancestries. According to a study by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 47.7% of Brazilians identify as mixed-race, showcasing the country's rich genetic diversity (source).

Selection Criteria

To be included in this ranking, the following criteria were considered:

  • Appearance: Dark hair, brown eyes, and sun-tanned skin.
  • Body Shape: Curves are essential; catwalk-type models were avoided.
  • Eyes: Must have a distinguishing appeal.
  • Grace: Natural elegance and charm.
  • Career: While not a primary factor, most individuals are known in the arts or entertainment industry.

Top Brazilian Brunettes Ranking: #6 to #10

#6: Cléo Pires

Short Biography: Cléo Pires Ayrosa Galvão, known as Cléo Pires, is a Brazilian actress. She is the daughter of renowned Brazilian actors Glória Pires and Fábio Jr. Cléo won the Best Actress award at the Festival do Rio in 2003 for her role in "Benjamim." She gained further acclaim for her role in "Meu Nome Não É Johnny."

Why in the TOP 10? Cléo Pires embodies the quintessential "Brazilian look" with her dark eyes, eyebrows, and native Brazilian Indian dark straight hair. Her Carioca style adds an extra layer of charm.

#7: Gisele Itié

Short Biography: Born in Mexico City but raised in Brazil since the age of four, Gisele Itié started her career as a model. She made her commercial debut in a national perfume campaign in 2000. Gisele has starred in several soap operas on Globo Network TV, including "Pé na Jaca" and "The Prophet."

Why in the TOP 10? Gisele Itié possesses one of the most sensual looks on Brazilian TV. Her intense eyes and proportional legs and hips make her a true Brazilian beauty.

#8: Patricia Poeta

Short Biography: Patricia Poeta is a journalist who started at Globo TV in February 2000, presenting the daily weather forecast. She later became an anchorwoman for "Bom Dia São Paulo," "Bom Dia Brasil," and "Jornal Hoje." Patricia also worked as an international correspondent in New York.

Why in the TOP 10? Patricia Poeta has some of the most gorgeous straight brunette hair in Brazil. Her black eyebrows are also typically Brazilian, making her a perfect example of beauty and intellect combined.

#9: Carol Castro

Short Biography: Carol Castro is an actress and model who has appeared in several soap operas, including "Beleza Pura" and "Senhoras do Destino." She has also starred in Brazilian music videos and is currently enjoying success in the theater with the play "Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands."

Why in the TOP 10? Carol Castro is the Brazilian brunette who could be the "dream girl next door." Her sensual tattoo adds an extra layer of allure.

#10: Luciana Gimenez

Short Biography: Luciana Gimenez Morad is a Brazilian fashion model and TV show hostess. She started her modeling career at age 13 and has worked in cities like Paris, Hamburg, Milan, and New York. Luciana currently hosts the TV show "Superpop" on Brazil's Rede TV.

Why in the TOP 10? Luciana Gimenez is a vivid example that even catwalk models can have interesting curves. Her elegance and presence have attracted many admirers.


This article aimed to depict the visual identity of an authentic Brazilian brunette and the essence of the "Brazilian look." Brazil's beauty is a direct result of its "melting pot" factor, with a perfect blend of various genetic backgrounds. More important than beauty alone, all the Brazilian muses listed above are true talents in their artistic careers. As John Keats wrote in 1819, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."

Stay tuned for the next article, where we will rank Brazilian brunettes #11 through #15.


Interesting Stats:

  • Brazil is home to over 211 million people, making it the sixth most populous country in the world (source).
  • According to a study by the University of São Paulo, 56% of Brazilian women identify as mixed-race or black (source).