DTH Connection or Cable Connection which is batter for your family entertainment?

Oct 28




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This article is about satellite dish connection or cable connection which is batter for your family entertainment read article to to know more


There was a time when people having only one option to watch tv that was cable network service. But now there is much batter option to watch tv at your home with Dth cable service. After the DTH launch,DTH Connection or Cable Connection which is batter for your family entertainment? Articles there is a hung change in the market they replace the traditional cable network. Now dth service covered all over across in India and day by day they are making more customers. People are like dth connection for there service and quick solution. When India got dth license there is an evolutionary change in the dth sector. There is a big advantage of dth service they provide equal service in urban areas as well as rural areas. If you get a dth connection there are no such things you need to worried about where you are live there service available everywhere in India. Here we give some comparison which will help you to decide which one batter for your family entertainment.


Set-top Box Quality: The set-top box local cable operator provides to users which comes with MPEG-2  broadcast technology. The set-top box build quality also is an average quality that’s what the picture quality was not enough clear. In other, All DTH service provider Provide digital quality set-top box which comes with MPEG-4 broadcast technology. The dth set top build with good quality material with the latest technology feature. That’s why the dth service provider gives you more batter & clear quality pictures. There is a local cable operator give you a 1 year set-top box warranty in comparison dth service provider give one year & some service providers give 3 years set-top box warranty.


Audio and Visual Quality: Digital cable dth network give you 5x batter clear picture and sound quality in comparison to the analog cable network. Digital cable network has a maximum bandwidth which gives you more channels in lower compression of video quality. In DTH network sound & video both are excellent quality it broadcast two type channels standard definition & high definition picture quality channels. The picture quality depends on the compression technology used by the service provider. Dth has a direct broadcast from the satellite that’s why it’s able to provide more batter picture quality. On the same side, analog cable gives you to broadcast from the service provider through cable and there is a big problem of low power that’s local cable operator, not able to provide batter picture quality in comparison to the dth.


Technological Difference: There are two types of cable network available digital cable & analog cable network. Digital cable network connects via digital fiber optical or coaxial cables. In order to receive the digital channels, you have to install a set-top box. But analog cable network you don’t need any set-top box but their signal quality is so much poor in the analog cable. DTH technology broadcast their channels via geostationary satellite to direct their customer house fro the reason customer get a more clear quality picture. Analog cable network broadcast their channels via local service operator and there broadcast material, not enough good quality to provide a batter quality picture to there customers.


Number Of Channels: DTH service provider gives their customer maximum channels in comparison to the cable operator. They have also regional language channels for their customers which is an advantage of DTh connection. The dth service provider has millions of customer base that’s why they can provide maximum channels at just minimum cost in comparison to the local cable operator. Also, dth have maximum high definition channels for their customers. All Dth service providers have band tie-ups with channels broadcast service provider like star, zee, sony this is the actual reason they can able to provide all channels at minimum cost in comparison to the local cable operator. Get 370+ channels on activation dishtv settop box.


Lowest Cost: The Cable set-top box new connection make cost seems to lower than a dth connection. But there are more things that need to consider while you get a new connection with the monthly package cost. While All dth service provider has their starting package onwards from Rs150/- on the other side local cable operator has a staring package from Rs200 to 250/- onwards. All dth service providers offer a new connection at around Rs.1500 including installation charges on High Definition connection. This seems to be a reasonable price for everyone to buy a new dth connection. Now all cable operators offer a postpaid connection to their customer you have pay every month for their service. Other side DTH service providers offer to their customer prepaid connection which is more beneficial for a customer. You can easily customize your package any time you want, or make you package what you want from your mobile this is a beneficial part of DTH connection.


After Sales Service: All DTH service providers have 24*7 customer care service for there customers. Probably local cable operator doesn’t have all-time service for there customers. When you watching tv and suddenly your tv has no signal there is a need quick response from your service provider. While you install a dth connection they offer a good service for their customers. Just you have to call in their helpline no and they will take care of your problem and give you an instant solution. Seems this is not passable for a local cable operator. Install a new tv connection their many more things you need to consider before buying, service is an important part of tv connection which needs an after-sales service. All Dth companies give a batter service in comparison to the local cable operator this makes a good choice to buy a dth connection.


Perhaps now it’s easy to understand which is a batter connection for family entertainment. Here is describe lots of benefits to buy a DTH connection it’s up to you which is more beneficial for you in the budget of get a new television connection.