Eleventh Hour Cast Comparison: The Original Versus The New

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One thing is for sure, the new cast sure as hell is much easier on the eyes. Is the new Eleventh Hour cast better or not as good as the old Eleventh Hour cast?

Is the new Eleventh Hour cast better or not as good as the old Eleventh Hour cast? One thing is for sure,Guest Posting the new cast sure as hell is much easier on the eyes.

The Eleventh Hour is a television show that features the exploits of Dr. Hood, a super intelligent investigator that works for the government for “special cases.” And by special cases, I mean those that would probably fall into agent Mulder and agent Scully’s hands if they were real people. However, there are no paranormal events here. They do border seem to be in the borders of the normal due to their bizarre nature. Science becomes the main focus of this show, it is the star. You have to follow the scientific goings on in the show in order to be able to appreciate it at all. The original show was created in Britain. The cast was Patrick Stewart as Dr. Ian Hood and his assistant and body guard Ms. Rachel Young played Ashley Jensen. Now these two were replaced by Rufus Sewell and Marley Shelton. Now which of them plays their roles better? Which actor works in the part and which actor struggles? Let see after a comparing the two sets of actor.

Dr. Hood
First off, let’s put Dr. Hood under the magnifying glass. When he was first played by Patrick Stewart, his idiosyncrasies were quite apparent. For me, Stewart succeeds in creating the necessary elements in the character that shall we say are idiosyncratic mannerisms that make the character closer, whole, and more believable. On the other hand, Patrick is quite old. American television consumerism, (according to Jerry Bruckheimer anyway) will only eat up a show if the lead is good looking, and by good looking, I mean hot. So they put in Sewell. And Sewell doesn’t do a bad job either. There’s this dark Irish bad boy thing going on along with the super intelligent to the point of creepiness prick that is a staple in Hood’s character. I’d say though that the veteran Stewart puts something in the table that Sewell doesn’t, an air of credibility for his character’s great wisdom.

Ms. Young
Hood’s female body guard whom he explains everything to was played with much spunk and character by Ashley Jensen. Marley Shelton comes across as a little flat to me. But then she suddenly engages in hot quickies. Okay, so that’s all good then. No more complaints. Besides, the hot body guard chemistry really, really works. I mean, come on, let’s all stop pretending that we aren’t that shallow. Sex sell, and in this case, it seems as appropriate as the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully.

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