Everquest and Platinum: Are There Other Real Uses For It?

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Are you addicted to evercrack, I mean Everquest? Well, if you are then you must know you are not alone. Some philologist criticize the addictive qualities of the game, there are even online support groups to help cope.

However,Guest Posting if you are quite comfortable with your dependency then I and your attention starved partner, and everyone else that is around you should respect that and deal with it. What though about the financial portion of the game? After all the game play time you have invested you might just have an abundant amount of EQ plat on your hands. Is it possible to turn your platinum, into either real cash or other goodies? You could use eBay even though the developers of Everquest have asked them to stop auctions on platinum to cash trades, or you can go to specialized site that focus strictly on this subject and then you can sell you EverQuest platinum away for some cold hard cash. If selling your platinum for real currency leaves a bad taste in your mouth then maybe you might want to think about selling your account itself. Yes the pinch of selling your beloved high level characters is horrific but when you think about it some might pay big bucks for the toon you yourself put hard hours into playing with, and then you could make another and do it again. You would be rolling in the platinum or money or whichever you chose really and it all comes from hours of playing.Do to the fact that items and platinum can be traded in the game and also with the help of illegal online trading on websites, there have been calculations on platinum currency to real currency exchange rates. The BBC reported in 2002 showed that Everquest was the 77th richest country in the world, between Russia and Bulgaria and that the People's Republic of China and India had lower GDP per capita. By 2004, a follow-up study showed that the average GDP of each of the two million players was $2,000 (£1,087) the same as the GDP of Namibia, approximately. Though platinum isn’t everything some people are dying for that high level class but aren’t willing to put the man hours or game playing into it, so they will buy or trade your high level character from you. These people how ever don’t usually have the experience they should for their character, and are usually spotted and then berated by others as eBayers. Putting up your platinum or your character really isn’t the issue though, sure it’s frowned upon by some, but it’s your time, your money, your platinum. What the real issue is, what is your time worth to you?   Publishers should be only be the one allowed to earn money with their subscriptions that are required to play the game. The players have rightfully spent their heard earned cash purchasing the "physical game" but yet are not able to resell it if they no longer want to play? Even if the player has no right and ownership to the stuff they acquire in the game such as gold, items, or money they do have the right to charge for a service to another player for acquiring it for them. Such services should include power leveling, farming gold, questing and etc.

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