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The Metropolitan cities of the world which have developed since ages through traditional technologies available at different times are facing the acute traffic problems.

Such cities are the centers of economic development,Guest Posting sheet of knowledge and hubs of scientific innovations, therefore, for the sustenance of such cities; priority is required to be given for solving their traffic problems. Traffic problems are at alarming stage where metropolitan cities have crossed the population figure of 50 lacs.

The traffic bearing capacity of roads within these cities can be increased by constructing multi level flyovers for smooth traffic flow on road junctions. At present, there is a tendency for the construction of single level flyovers which solve only part traffic problem as one level flyover do not give total solution of the traffic problems at road junctions. In fact, road junctions are the points where road users should be facilitated to move towards any direction through different levels of flyover. Therefore, in metropolitan cities where population has crossed the figure of 50 lacs, the flyovers should be planned in such a way so the road users may move in any direction without facing any signal.  This facility is possible only in multi level flyovers.

Elements of Multi Level Flyovers:-The multi level flyovers include multi-storey carriageways generally having four levels where apart from the ground level, traffic moves at three other levels. The aforesaid flyover is being constructed on Ring Road at Naya Azadpur, in New Delhi at the road junction where Ring Road, Mall Road, G.T. Karnal Road and Road Number 51 intersect with each other. This road junction is located in Asia’s largest vegetable and fruit market where mixed traffic of all types of vehicles remains in operation throughout the day and night. This flyover shall comprise following four levels ensuring signal-free traffic movement on Mall Road and Ring Road.

• Level 1 (The Underpass Level) The underpass will be constructed along Mall Road and GT Karnal Road for ensuring uninterrupted movement on the said roads.

• Level 2 (The Ground Level)This level shall comprise the construction of rotary, cycle tracks, service lanes, surface-level slip roads for left-turning and signalized intersection for right-turning of the local traffic.

• Level 3 (flyover level) This level shall comprise a 780-meter long flyover connecting Ring Road with Road Number 51. This will ensure that the movement of long-distance vehicles is not interrupted by local traffic.

• Level 4 (The Metro Rail Level) The Metro train will run above all the three level, completing the picture of four-storey traffic management. The Metro line above it which will be a part of the Vishwavidalaya-Jahangirpuri Metro line.

Recommendations:-At present, even in big Metropolitan Cities where population figures have crossed 50 lacs, one level flyover above ground are being constructed. All flyovers have been constructed in National Capital Region of Delhi specially the flyovers constructed on Ring Road of Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and National Highway No. 8 Gurgaon are not solving the complete traffic problems in the absence of multi level flyovers. The long queues of local traffic Jam can always be seen below single level flyover constructed only recently. Therefore, Town Planner should recommend at least the construction of Multi Level Flyovers on all Major Road Junctions where population of Metropolitan Cities have exceeded the figures of 50 lacs.

Since, construction of multi level flyovers are considered part of urban infrastructure and as urban infrastructure is being developed on self financing principles, therefore, creation of such infrastructure in every Metropolitan City should not become a problem to any Government.

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